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About Any-Lamp

Any-Lamp has been providing energy-efficient LED lighting and conventional lighting to businesses and private customers for over 30 years.

We also help our customers pick the right lighting. To do so, they can contact our lighting experts or make use of our handy product finder and/or our blog and informational pages.

For business customers, we offer further benefits that help implement the right lighting plan. After all, there is a perfect lighting solution for every room and/or building.

Our product range

At Any-Lamp, we offer top-quality LED lighting from many top brands such as Noxion, Philips, LEDvance, Osram, Steinel and Sylvania. This allows us to assure our customers of efficient, durable and safe lighting. LED light sources are available in various types of bulbs and luminaires, which can optimally illuminate any room or building due to the variety of light colours. There are also various smart options, including dim-to-warm, smart lamps, DALI and sensor light sources. If you choose LED, you are making a sustainable choice that will last for years!


Milieuvriendelijke LED Verlichting

Our mission and vision

Our goal is to inform customers about the positive impact that LED lighting has on the environment. Although the initial acquisition costs of LED lighting are higher than those of conventional lighting, the lighting also lasts up to 20 times longer. This reduces the energy costs of companies and households by 70% on average! Therefore, an investment in LED is recouped in the blink of an eye. Moreover, LED light sources do not contain any harmful substances, such as mercury, which end up in the environment. All materials are 100% recyclable! By providing our customers with quality LED lighting, we significantly reduce CO2 emissions every year. Our goal is to increase this amount even further, which we can only achieve together!

Further initiatives ...

We aim to be CO2 neutral by 2023. We want to achieve this by selling LED lighting, but also by investing in reforestation. In cooperation with Land Life Company we plant trees on land that has been damaged in the past, for example by urbanisation or wildfires, in order to reduce the amount of carbon in the air!


What have we achieved together so far?

In Portugal, in the region of Freguesia de Tavares, 6,546 trees have already been planted to compensate our CO2 emissions. As a result, around 1,432 tonnes of carbon will be filtered from the air over the next 40 years. With this forestation we have also restored 9.12 hectares of land, which is positive for both people and animals. These numbers will only increase in the upcoming years, as we plant trees together with Land Life Company on a yearly basis to offset our carbon footprint of the previous year.

Working at Any-Lamp

Over the years, we've grown from a local company to a global player in the lighting market. When you visit us, you'll immediately experience an enthusiastic and dynamic working atmosphere. Our passion and ambition has resulted in tremendous growth, but we are constantly looking for new talent to take us even further ahead. Are you the colleague we are looking for?

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Where are we located?

Our office is located near Eindhoven. This is the city of light and home to leading companies such as Noxion and Philips: the lighting manufacturer that put Eindhoven on the map. In a few years time, we have grown from 25 to over 200 employees with offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Taiwan.

We are part of World Wide Lighting ...

Any-Lamp is one of the companies that are part of World Wide Lighting. Are you curious what else our holding company can do for you in terms of lighting?