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All about Noxion Poseidon Pro LED Battens

With a name like Poseidon, you might guess that these LED Battens are waterproof and you'd be right! That's not all, however. Just like their namesake, these LED battens have plenty of other qualities too. Watch the video and read the info below to find out all about the Noxion Poseidon Pro LED battens.




When you're looking for lighting products that combine the best quality with value for money, Noxion is a brand that stands out. In fact, it's fair to say that they live up to their slogan of 'best in class lighting' and the Noxion Poseidon Pro LED battens are no exception.


What should I consider when buying LED battens?

Are they waterproof and dustproof?

We've already mentioned the fact that these battens are waterproof and they have an IP rating of 66. If you're not familiar with IP ratings, the first number relates to what is known as ingress protection and the second number to water protection. For this product, both are 6. An ingress protection rating of 6 is the highest possible number and means that the product is fully dustproof. A water protection rating of 6 means that the product is fully waterproof, although it's not suitable for installation under water.

Do they have impact protection?

Batten lighting can be installed in a wide variety of areas and is often found in exposed public places. That makes it susceptible to accidental as well as deliberate damage which is why a good level of protection is desirable. The Noxion Poseidon Pro LED battens have an IK rating of 8 on a scale that only goes up to 10.


Other important features of Noxion Poseidon Pro LED battens

Good energy label

If you're looking for the most energy-efficient product on the market, you're in the right place. These LED battens have a good energy label of and offer energy savings of up to 77% compared to ones that use fluorescent tubes.

Long lifespan & warranty

A long lifespan and warranty are highly desirable when it comes to lighting products and these battens have both. The lifespan is 70,000 hours (20+ years with expected use!) and they're covered by an all-in warranty of 5 years.

Push-in connector and integrated wiring

One of the handiest features on the Noxion Poseidon Pro LED battens is that they come complete with a push-in connector and integrated wiring. This not only makes them easy to install, it also makes it quick and easy to connect several battens together.

Sizes & colour temperatures

The Noxion Poseidon Pro LED battens come in lengths of 60 cm, 120 cm and 150 cm and in colour temperatures of 4000K (cool white) and 6500K (daylight).

DALI & Emergency Lighting Options

If you're after LED battens that are DALI compatible or have emergency lighting units, you'll be pleased to know that the Noxion Poseidon Pro range includes models with these options too.




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