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How to install a LED Panel light yourself?

How to install a LED panel light?

Mounting a LED panel light doesn't have to be hard. In this article, we'll show you how to change a LED panel light in just a few steps. After reading our easy-to-understand instructions, you will know exactly how to wire a LED panel light in just a few steps:

Which options do i have for mounting an LED panel light?

The installation of LED panel lights can be done in 3 easy ways:

1. Mounting suspended ceiling lights

In a suspended ceiling you can replace a ceiling plate or a built-in fluorescent fixture 1 on 1 with a LED panel. Simply remove the ceiling plate or old fluorescent fixture from the ceiling, place the LED panel and connect it to the mains. All of our panels come with a connected driver without cord and euro jack. Click here to view recessed LED panels.

2. LED panel light ceiling frame kit

With a mounting frame kit, it is possible to mount the LED panel on a flat surface, both against a ceiling and against a wall. Due to the fact that a mounting frame is 5cm high, there is enough room to put the LED driver on top of the LED panel. Click here to view surface-mounted LED panels.

3. Hanging LED panel lights

For both the 60x60cm and 30x120cm panels it is possible to place them using a suspension set. This consists of a kit with cables to hang on the ceiling. This makes you very flexible to determine the ideal height of the LED panel. Click here to view hanging LED panels.

Due to the various mounting possibilities, LED panels can be placed in a lot of office or indoor spaces. Frames and commuting systems for LED panels are available separately.

Once installed you can take years ahead. The quality of good LED panels are high, 5 years warranty is often longer than the payback time! And with 70,000 lifetime hours, you can maintain maintenance for 15 to 20 years.

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5 step quick guide for installing led panel lights

Step 1: Preparations
What do you need for installing a LED panel light?
- LED panel + Driver (included).
- Power plug / GSTi18 plug.
- A Crosshead screwdriver.

Step 2: Unplugging the old fixture.
- Turn off the power.
- Unplug the power cord from the mains.
- Remove the old LED light panel from the (suspended) ceiling.

Step 3: Preparing the driver
- Unscrew the driver's hood.
- Connect the power cord to the driver (brown wire left, blue wire right).
- Screw the driver hood back on.

Step 4: Connecting the driver to the LED panel
- Connect the driver to the LED panel light.
- Twist the connection cable clockwise by one quarter.

Step 5: Mounting the new LED panel onto the ceiling
- Hang the new panel into the (suspended) ceiling and turn the power back on.

Installation quick guide and LED light panel wiring diagram example of a Noxion Delta Pro V3 LED Panel.

What are my options when buying an LED panel?

LED integrated panels to provide high-quality professional lighting with optimal energy savings for companies, schools, supermarkets, and offices. LED panels are ideal for placement in standard ceiling systems and can replace existing fluorescent fixtures. High-quality LED panels to have a nice even light output, clean finish, long lifetime, low maintenance, dust-free, and most important a much lower energy consumption than your original fluorescent fixtures. Of course, there are differences between cheaper and more expensive LED panel lights. Click here to read more about the difference between expensive and cheap LED panels. The most common dimensions of LED panels are 60x60cm or 30x120cm. It is possible to dim your LED panel and save even more on energy costs, you can realize this if you choose an LED panel including a DALI driver.

Professional LED panel light brands

  • Lifespan of 30.000 to 70.000 hours
  • Available in UGR 15, UGR 19, UGR 22
  • DALI dimmable options
  • Good price-quality ratio

  • Lifespan of 30.000 to 60.000 hours
  • Available in UGR 15, UGR 19, UGR 22
  • DALI dimmable options
  • Also, Smart+ (Wi-Fi) LED panels available

  • Lifespan of 50.000 hours
  • Available in UGR 15, UGR 19, UGR 22, UGR 25
  • DALI dimmable options
  • Large choice of 300x1200mm and 200x1500 panels

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