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Dimming without a dimmer with Philips LED SceneSwitch bulbs

You can adjust the brightness of the various Philips SceneSwitch bulbs via a light switch. So no dimmer is needed. All you have to do is screw a SceneSwitch bulb into the fixture. With one bulb, you can use three different settings. This is incredibly convenient and user-friendly. But it can be even faster and more effective these days, including with smart bulbs. Discover all the possibilities from our range in this blog.

What are the benefits of a Philips SceneSwitch bulb?

Philips SceneSwitch bulbs dim the light by a normal light switch, via so-called 'Plug & Play dimming'. This means you do not need to buy and install an LED dimmer. A SceneSwitch bulb takes on a warmer colour when you dim it. This allows the bulb to serve as a pleasantly bright work light on the one hand, and as mood lighting on the other. Furthermore, it is convenient that the SceneSwitch bulb remembers the last setting, thanks to its built-in chip technology. Moreover, you can count on a lifespan of up to 15,000 hours and low energy consumption. Especially when you use a dimmer mode, consumption decreases significantly. 

Currently, we no longer have SceneSwitch bulbs in our range. But not to worry! There are plenty of alternatives available, such as dim-to-warm bulbs and various types of smart bulbs and smart fixtures. Below, we have listed several options for you.

Dim to warm LED bulbs

- 2200K - 2700K

- Multiple fittings

- Ideal atmospheric lighting

- Economical and efficient

With Dim to Warm bulbs, two things change during dimming: the light intensity and the colour temperature! So you can always provide the right atmosphere and extra cosiness.

Tunable white LED lighting

- 1800K - 6500K

- Bulbs & fixtures

- Control via dimmer or app

- Create various scenarios

With a LED bulb in tunable white, you can change the light colour from (very) warm white to cool white or even daylight white, based on the needs of the user or the room.

Smart Lighting Bulbs

- Work via Wi-Fi

- CCT & RGB options

- Different shapes

- E14, E27 & B22 socket

Download a free app and control your smart lights via your phone, tablet, a remote control, Google home device or even by voice! You can also set timers!

Smart LED Strips

- RGB & RGBW options

- Flexible lighting solution

- Linkable or shortenable

- Multiple light colours

In Smart LED strips with an RGB or RGBW function, a certain hue is created by making a specific colour brighter or less bright. You can control this quickly and easily.

How does dimming without a dimmer work with SceneSwitch bulbs?

Philips SceneSwitch bulbs dim via a light switch on the wall. Simply press the light switch consecutively and the light switches to the next built-in light setting. The lamp remembers which setting was used last, if the lamp has not been off for more than six seconds in between. These bulbs have three different modes (in addition to off mode).

Position Function Wattage Light colour
Position 1 100% light 8 Watt 2700 Kelvin
Position 2 40% light 5 Watt 2500 Kelvin
Position 3 10% light 2 Watt 2200 Kelvin


With its three settings, the LED bulb can add extra atmosphere. Workplaces are thus transformed into atmospheric spaces, for example. Besides home use, this smart Philips bulb can also be used in hotels, restaurants, shops, public spaces and offices (canteen, coffee corner, etc.).

What other options are there when it comes to smart lighting?

Besides the already mentioned smart bulbs, we also have several smart fixtures in our webshop. A great example are smart LED panels, which allow you to easily change the colour temperature in, for example, an office space, meeting room, classroom or canteen. This allows you to immediately respond to a certain activity or the time of day. This keeps employees and/or students more concentrated and alert. There are also several options when it comes to smart outdoor lighting and all products from the popular Ledvance Smart+ series are definitely worth a look.