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Which Noxion T8 LED Tube should i choose?

Choosing the right Noxion LED T8 tube seems simple at first glance. Still, there are some things to keep in mind or to check in advance. Also there are differences between the various Noxion LED T8 tubes that we have in our range. In this blog we want to provide you with a number of useful tips, so that you always make the right choice!

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Noxion, best in class lighting


For several years Noxion has been the fastest growing light brand in Europe. The secret? That is easy to explain! Noxion offers sustainable and high-quality LED lighting with a long lifespan. The different Noxion LED T8 tubes are energy efficient replacements for conventional fluorescent tubes of the same size. In addition, there are four options in terms of length; 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm. You quickly save 50% on energy costs with a Noxion T8 LED tube. Also you no longer have to worry about replacement or maintenance costs for many years. Furthermore, Noxion has succeeded in providing its LED T8 tubes with a long lifespan, up to 50,000 burning hours. In an average office environment (60 burning hours per week), a Noxion LED fluorescent tube will last over 16 years. Count out your winnings!


What should I pay attention to when choosing a Noxion T8 LED Tube?


Placing a Noxion LED T8 tube is done in a couple of seconds. It is true that a few things still need to be checked in advance. We are happy to help you through the checklist below.


Step 1: What is the length of my current fluorescent lighting?

There are four options for this. Namely: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm. So make sure that your new Noxion T8 LED tube has the same length. In most cases, your existing luminaire is suitable for your new Noxion LED lighting. Each fluorescent and LED tube of T8 format is equipped with a G13 fitting, with two pins standing 13 millimeters apart.


Step 2: Which driver technology do I need?

Conventional ballast

This technology applies to fixtures with older conventional ballast (with starter) or directly to the mains voltage. NOTE: when replacing your old fluorescent tube for a Noxion LED T8 tube, you need to place the included LED starter at the spot where the old starter was.

Electronic ballast

This technology is suitable for fixtures with a modern HF-ballast (without starter) . When replacing your old fluorescent tube with your new Noxion LED T8 tube, you do not have to change the fixture. So saving on your energy costs can start right away!

Noxion Tube

Step 3: What color temperature do I choose?

Ask yourself what the function of the light should be in the room in question. Is there a need for bright and clear light? Or may the light have a warm hue? With the different Noxion T8 LED tubes you can choose from four different color temperatures. In the diagram below we have listed these for you.

    • 2700 Kelvin : Extra warm white light. Especially suitable for the catering industry, hotels, theaters and retail.
    • 3000 Kelvin : Warm white light. Suitable for general areas, meeting rooms, halls, stairwells and in the shed.
    • 4000 Kelvin : Cool white light. Suitable for schools, hospitals, offices. 4000K increases the concentration and focus.
    • 6500 Kelvin : Daylight. Suitable for areas like printing houses, operating rooms, health practices and laboratories.

Step 4: How do I install a Noxion T8 LED tube?

The last step is to install the lighting. That is very simple. In our special video we show you how to install a Noxion T8 LED tube.



Which Noxion T8 LED tube suits best at my application?

Standaard EM

Noxion Avant LED T8 Tube Standard EM | incl. LED Starter

  • Sizes: 60cm, 120cm and 150cm
  • Light output: up to 2400 lumens
  • Up to 30,000 burning hours
  • Lumen / Watt ratio: up to 109
  • General areas, home use

Extreme HO

Noxion Avant LED T8 Tube Extreme HO EM | incl. LED Starter

  • Sizes: 60cm, 90cm, 120cm and 150cm
  • Light output: up to 2660 lumens
  • Up to 50,000 burning hours
  • Lumen / Watt ratio: up to 148
  • Schools, offices, retail

Extreme UO

Noxion Avant LEDtube T8 Extreme UO (EM/Direct)

  • Sizes: 60cm, 120cm and 150cm
  • Very high light output: up to 3600 lumens
  • Up to 50,000 burning hours
  • Lumen / Watt ratio: up to 150
  • Warehouses, industry (high ceilings)