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Emergency lighting


Emergency lighting is an important source of light in the unlikely event of emergencies. After all, residents and/or staff must be able to safely leave the building in case of camalities. Therefore, emergency exit lighting is a standard requirement in buildings. When you are looking for emergency evacuation lighting, you will come across two types of lighting:


Assortment exit sign emergency lighting

At Any-Lamp you will find durable LED emergency exit lighting including necessary accessories, such as exit signs and mounting material. The advantage of LED is that you save energy and that you are provided with reliable LED lighting for many years. The light output of the exit sign emergency lighting remains the same throughout its lifespan. We have two product lines in our assortment: Noxion and Ecolight.


Noxion LED emergency lighting

The LED emergency lighting of Noxion involves a convenient fixture that can be perfectly matched to the route to an escape exit in a building using the materials supplied. You attach the escape route exit sign to the luminaire yourself; this can be done on either one side or on both sides. You also have the option to attach the fixture to a wall or ceiling by means of a mounting frame or a suspension kit. Furthermore, it is good to know that this Noxion fixture has a built-in LED driver. This allows the LED emergency lighting to be directly connected to the power network.



  • Energy consumption of only 3.5W.
  • Light output of 20 Lumen.
  • The LED fixture has energy efficiency class A+.
  • 3 hours of emergency lighting in the event of a power failure.
  • Includes 4 plastic exit signs (4 directions).
  • Ceiling or wall mounting.
  • Available accessories: mounting frame and suspension kit.




Ecolight LED emergency lighting

The Ecolight LED emergency lighting luminaire is an adequate fixture that can be matched to the escape route in a building using an emergency exit sign that can be ordered separately. This exit sign can be easily attached to the luminaire. Since the Ecolight luminaire has a built-in driver, the emergency lighting can be directly connected to the power network.



  • Energy consumption of only 3.4W.
  • Light output of 200 Lumen.
  • The LED fixture has energy efficiency class A.
  • Wall mounting.
  • Available exit signs: left, right and down.




Are you in search of LED lighting with an emergency lighting unit?