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GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor)

Specifications GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor)

Description GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor)

Buy the GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor) simply and quickly at Any-Lamp! Be sure to also look into our quantity discounts; you can easily check whether or not these discounts apply to your order by referring to the table found at the top of this page.


The GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor) is a compact gas-discharge lamp with a high light output that will retain its color and stability throughout the lamp's entire life span. This non-dimmable lamp comes equipped with an easy-to-use G12 socket. The GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor) will reach its maximum output in under 3 minutes, and has a lifetime of 15,000 hours. This means you will not have to worry about replacing your lamps for a very long time!

Application of the GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor)

GE CMH-T 35W/930 G12 Ultra (ConstantColor) gas-discharge lamps have an excellent color rendering index of 90-100 Ra. These lamps give off a warm light (3000K), and the built-in UV filter ensures that your heat-sensitive objects will not lose their color.


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