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E14 LED Bulbs

E14 LED bulbs are so-called because of their E14 cap/base, which is also known as a small Edison screw. LED bulbs can replace any equivalent incandescent or halogen bulb. Better still, they last up to 50 times longer, which means savings of up to 90% in energy costs! Make sure your new bulb has the right brightness and colour temperature for your situation. Using the filters will help you find the right E14 LED bulb quickly and easily. If you dim your light, make sure to choose one of the dimmable E14 LED light bulbs.
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E14-LED bulbs Noxion
E14 LEDs in different forms.

In which shapes are E14 LED lamps available?

If you choose an E14 LED, you have a wide range of lamp shapes to choose from: from the classic bulb (standard) to tubular or round (ball). In our range, you will also find unusual shapes such as the flattened reflector E14 lamp. The most popular model, however, is the so-called candle lamp. Its shape is reminiscent of a typical candle - ideal for a modern chandelier or for a bit of vintage flair. You can find suitable products here: “ Candle bulbs”.


How does the E14 bulb differ from the E27 lamp?

Both E14 and E27 lamps have a swivel base, as indicated by the letter E. The base is simply inserted into the socket. Such a base is simply screwed into the socket. The thread of an E base is reminiscent of Thomas Edison's first light bulb. This is why these lamps are assigned the letter E. The number behind the letter stands for the width of the base in millimetres. The difference between an E14 LED and an E27 bulb is therefore the width of the base, which is 14 mm and 27 mm respectively. If you want to replace your conventional E14 lamp with an efficient LED model, you must therefore pay very close attention to the number after the E. Otherwise, your new lamp may not work. Otherwise, your new LED may not fit into the socket.


Are E14 bulbs dimmable?

Yes, there are also E14 LED lamps that are dimmable. This attribute means that you can change the brightness and, depending on the product, also the light colour of the lamp as you wish. If you are looking for a dimmable E14 LED, click here: "Dimmable E14 LED bulbs".

Among the dimmable E14 LEDs, there are also lamps with the so-called "Dim to Warm" technology. With these lamps, you can not only dim the light intensity, but also the colour temperature. Thus, a warm white (3,000 K) light quickly turns into an extra warm white (2,700 K and less). This makes them perfect for variable mood lighting. You can find all products of this type in our category: Dim to Warm LED-Lights. There you can easily filter by the E14 base type on the left side.  


What colour temperature do E14 LED bulbs have?

E14 bulbs with warm colour temperature
E14 LEDs with warm colour temperature (iStock/EzumeImages)

You can buy E14 LED bulbs in a variety of colour temperatures from us. When selecting the light colour, pay attention to the intended use of the LED. Depending on the use, a different colour temperature makes sense.


2,000 to 2,700 Kelvin - Extra Warm White: An E14 lamp with the light colour Extra Warm White is best used wherever a particularly cosy and comfortable atmosphere is required. The colour temperature has a very high red component, which contributes to a relaxed mood. E14 LEDs are ideal for comfortable lounges or the bedroom - whether in a hotel or at home.


3,000 Kelvin - warm white: E14 light sources with warm white light colour have a lower red component and are therefore more suitable for everyday use. They are used to support a cosy atmosphere and are popular as accent lighting in living rooms or hotels.


4,000 Kelvin - cool white: E14 LED bulbs with neutral cool white light colour strengthen concentration and vision. That is why cool white lamps are often used in offices, retail or kitchens.


6,500 Kelvin - daylight white: An E14 bulb with daylight white colour temperature can also be used wherever concentration and vision are important. Daylight white light also offers the greatest contrast between colours. This is why this light colour is often used in healthcare or in the industrial sector (in warehouses and merchandise halls).


Are there E14 LED lamps with different beam angles?

We offer E14 LED bulbs with numerous different beam angles. The beam angle indicates the dispersion of the light in degrees. You select it according to the size of the room, the number of luminaires and the intended use.


36°: An E14 bulb with a beam angle of 36° is used for accent lighting for specific areas of a room. For example, you can illuminate and highlight merchandise displays in retail shops or tables in a restaurant.


120° or higher: This beam angle is ideal for ambient lighting in a room if you use several lamps.


360°: E14 bulbs with a 360° beam angle radiate evenly all around.


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