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G9 LED Bulbs

LED G9 bulbs are compact capsule-shaped lamps whose pins are 9mm apart. These bulbs work on 230V and can be connected directly to the mains. Replacing your old halogen bulbs is easy with the bi-pin socket. Due to its compact dimensions, the G9 LED capsule bulb easily fits into the smallest luminaires. G9 LED dimmable lights are also included in our assortment. When switching to LED, you save on energy costs but retain the desired light quality. In addition, you do not have to replace the lamps for years, as they last up to 20 times longer. Always take a look at the size of the LED bulb, since it may differ slightly from the halogen variant.
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What does a G9 LED bulb look like?

Visualisation of a G9 LED
G9 LEDs are operated with 230 volts and have two pins that are 9 mm apart.

G9 LEDs are among the most popular pin-base bulbs in our range. The "9" in the name indicates the distance between the two pins: this is 9 mm. G9 LEDs are characterised by the fact that they are operated with 230 V and can therefore be connected directly to the mains - you do not need a transformer for these bulbs. The LED pin-base bulbs are available in our webshop in three different colour temperatures: There are G9 LEDs in warm white (3,000 K), extra warm white (2,700 K) and cool white (4,000 K). Please note: In contrast to ordinary G9 bulbs, the housing of G9 LEDs may be a little larger. Therefore, be sure to check the dimensions of the bulbs beforehand and whether they fit into your existing socket.

Which brands offer G9 LED bulbs?

G9 LEDs are offered by all kinds of different manufacturers. In our range, you will find pin-base bulbs from Osram, Philips and Noxion.

The last brand is known for its high quality of light, long lifetimes and strong efficiency. So not only can you benefit from excellent lighting, you also save electricity at the same time. Moreover, the purchase costs of Noxion products are usually lower than those of other brands!

Are G9 LED's dimmable?

three G9 LEDs
You can easily replace G9 halogen bulbs with LEDs.

G9 LEDs are partially dimmable. You can see whether a bulb is dimmable or not in the technical data of the respective product. If you only want to see dimmable G9 LEDs, you can use our filter function. To do this, tick "Yes" under "Dimmable" on the left-hand side. You can also save yourself the trouble of filtering and visit our sub-category: G9 LED dimmable. Here, all products are dimmable.

Can you replace G9 halogen with LED?

You can quickly and easily replace G9 halogen bulbs with their LED counterparts. Simply switch off the power and wait until the halogen bulb has cooled down. Then pull it out of the socket and insert the new G9 LED bulb. Turn the power back on and your new LED should work.

Switching to LED brings you various advantages: G9 LED bulbs are not only much more durable than conventional halogen bulbs, they also consume significantly less electricity. This saves you not only maintenance and replacement costs, but also electricity costs. Last but not least, the environment also benefits: LEDs are recyclable and should be disposed of at a recycling centre when they are no longer lit.

Are G9 LEDs suitable for the oven?

No, you cannot use G9 LEDs as oven bulbs, even though some ovens have a G9 socket. This is because LED technology cannot withstand the high heat inside the appliance. For this case, you must continue to use G9 halogen bulbs.

By the way: If your refrigerator has a G9 socket, you can use G9 LEDs without any problems. Just pay attention to the dimensions of the bulb, as mentioned above, as the housing of LEDs is usually somewhat larger than that of conventional light sources.

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