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GU10 LED Bulbs

GU10 LED bulbs are popular spots to replace halogen lighting. The GU10 fitting has two small pins that are one-on-one replacements for the GU10 fitting of conventional lighting. GU10 LED lighting is energy efficient, has a long lifetime and is available in both dimmable and non-dimmable variations. The colour temperature ranges from extra warm white to cold white. Besides the colour, different colour rendering rates give you opportunity to chose the exact bulb you need. GU10 LED bulbs are mostly used as accent lighting, because of the wide choice of beam angles.
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What are GU10 LED bulbs?


A GU10 LED bulb is the most popular spot for homes and businesses. The light source, which can be seen in the picture, has a GU10 socket. This socket has a Bi-Pin design, which means that the spot has two pins at the bottom of the light source. The pins of a GU10 spot are always 10 mm apart.

Are GU10 LED bulbs dimmable?

GU10 LEDs are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable versions. In our webshop, you can easily see whether a product is dimmable. This is indicated in the title of a product, but also in the product specifications. You can either filter on 'dimmable' or you can visit our category 'Dimmable GU10 LED Bulbs.

Good to know! If you want to dim an LED spot, you must replace your dimmer with an LED dimmer. LED lights cannot be dimmed with a conventional dimmer. This causes light flickering or even a non-functioning spot.


What is the difference between dimmable and dim-to-warm GU10 spots?

Light sources with 'Dim-to-Warm' technology can dim more than just the light intensity. You also have control over the light colour that the bulb radiates. Dim-to-warm GU10 LED bulbs can easily switch between 2200K and 2700K, allowing you to match the atmosphere in a room to the activity which is taking place at that moment. These LED spots are best suited as flexible ambient lighting. Are you interested in products with this technology? You can purchase all Dim-to-Warm LED lamps here


Are there also smart GU10 LED bulbs?

It is possible to purchase a smart GU10 LED spot. These can be found in the category 'smart lighting'. You can choose between spots with a range of light colors (2200K - 4000K) or light sources with a range of light colors and RGB colors. The smart spots at Any-Lamp all work with Tuya Wi-Fi. This means that you only need to connect the smart bulbs to the app in order to turn them on and off, adjust them as desired, or dim them. No further accessories are needed, such as a dimmer or hub.


How do I install a GU10 LED bulb?

GU10 light sources are available in LED versions, but also as halogen spots. In terms of installation, switching to LED is not difficult! The installation is in fact the same for each spot and it is also very simple:

  1. Push the spotlight into the fixture.
  2. Turn the lamp a quarter turn to click it into place.


Can I save costs by switching from halogen to LED?

Yes, you can! You save costs in several ways when you switch from GU10 halogen spots to LED replacements. First of all, LED spots to have a much lower wattage, which reduces your energy consumption considerably. You can save up to 80% on your energy costs. Secondly, LED lasts 8 times longer, on average 15,000 hours, meaning that you will not have costs for replacing this GU10 LED bulb for several years.


What do I need to consider when switching to GU10 LED bulbs?

Light color - GU10 halogen spots all have a warm white color temperature of around 2800K. LED versions, however, are available in very warm white (2200K - 2700K), warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K), and daylight white (6500K). If you want a LED spot with similar light color, we recommend purchasing a dim-to-warm GU10 bulb or a spot with 2700K lumens. If you choose a spot with a higher number of Lumen, the light may appear brighter than you want it to be.

Wattage - At Any-Lamp, switching to a LED spot has been made a little easier. The product titles will tell you what wattage replaces the GU10 with the indication 'Replaces ...W'. Therefore, take a good look at the wattage of your halogen spot. This way you can filter the number of watts the LED has to replace during your search.


What are spots with a GU10 fitting used for?

GU10 light sources are mainly used in spot fixtures. This is because of the radiation angle of a GU10 LED bulb. This is often quite narrow (25° - 60°), making it perfect for accent lighting. If you install several GU10 spots behind each other or at a certain height, so that they radiate further, you can also use them for general lighting. Of course, you can also use the variants with a wide beam angle (78° - 320°).

Because the light source can be used for both accent lighting and general lighting, this spot can be used in a wide variety of applications: homes, offices, retail, restaurants, and many more. However, this may raise the question of what properties the spot should have in order to illuminate a room as desired. We will explain this further below.


How do I choose the right GU10 bulb for a certain room?

As mentioned earlier, GU10 LED bulbs are available in four light colors. However, they are also available in two color rendering ranges: 80-89Ra (good CRI) and 90-99Ra (perfect CRI). Whereas with good color rendering one can still perceive small color differences between objects under artificial light (bulb) compared to natural daylight, this is not the case with a perfect CRI. In the table below we indicate where a certain GU10 LED bulb fits best.


Color temperature (Kelvin) Color rendering index (CRI) Appplication area
Very Warm White (2200K - 2700K) Good CRI (80-89Ra) Hospitality establishments (restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.) and homes
  Perfect CRI (90-99Ra) Hospitality establishments (restaurants, hotels, bars, etc.) and homes that want to emphasize colors in the interior.
Warm White (3000K) Good CRI (80-89Ra) Retail shops, general areas (reception halls, waiting rooms, changing rooms, corridors, etc.), and homes.
  Perfect CRI (90-99Ra) Art galleries and retail shops (clothing, flowers, food, etc.), i.e. environments where colors contribute to impressions and/or buying behavior.
Cool White (4000K) Good CRI (80-89Ra) Offices, educational institutions, home workplaces, production halls, warehouses, and other workplaces.
  Perfect CRI (90-99Ra) Art galleries or retail shops (clothing, flowers, food, etc.) with little natural daylight and working environments where colors play a major role (paint, hair, make-up, etc.).
Daglicht Wit (6500K) Good CRI (80-89Ra) Working environments where details play a major role (operating theatres, drawing rooms, spray rooms, etc.).

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