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LED Outdoor Lighting

LED Outdoor lighting is essential for outdoor safety. Lighting makes sure you see your driveway when you come home in the evening. Sensor lighting scares away burglars at night. Garden lighting makes sure you see your step when enjoying an evening outside. But besides safety, LED outdoor lighting also has an aesthetic function. For example to light up architecture or garden ornaments. You can find the perfect light source by setting the filters on the left to your preferences. Choose the right color, size, beam angle or sensor and order your new LED outdoor lighting.
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LED outdoor lighting: functionality and elegance

Just like all the lights and bulbs in your home or office, outdoor lighting needs to be chosen carefully too. However, outdoor lighting needs to be more practical and efficient, and at the same time decorative and in harmony with its surroundings. That's why there are so many different models of outdoor lamps, and we'll help you choose the type of lighting best suited to your needs. 

Which outdoor LED lamps for which area? 

Garden: There are many ways to light up your garden or backyard. For example, you can line your driveway with LED spotlights or solar lamps, which are the most energy-efficient choice. These can also be used to illuminate flowers or plants. If you want to light up a tree or even the front of the house, LED floodlights are the most suitable choice. 

Terrace and balcony: The type of lighting you choose for a terrace or balcony should not only illuminate the area, but should also help to create a welcoming atmosphere. This is why the colour temperature of the light you choose is very important. We recommend that you choose lamps with light around 3000K. In addition, these outdoor lamps will be in the public eye, so you should also consider the aesthetic component. LED ceiling spotlights, for example, are an ideal choice for illuminating balconies and terraces. 

Entrance: Light sources at the entrance to a house or business do several things: they indicate the entrance door and keep burglars out. Outdoor wall lights are excellent for this and can easily be mounted next to the entrance door. In cases where there is a canopy, you can also opt for an outdoor ceiling light. To illuminate the garage entrance, on the other hand, it is best to choose a LED floodlight

What level of protection does outdoor LED lighting need? 

Outdoor LED lighting must be weatherproof. Rain, snow, dust or soil must not damage the luminaires. The degree of protection of a lamp or bulb is indicated by the IP index (ingress protection), which consists of two digits. The first digit ranges from 0 (no protection) to 6 (total protection against dust) and indicates the degree of protection against the ingress of solid foreign bodies, such as dust. The second digit, instead, determines the protection against moisture and liquid penetration and ranges from 0 (no protection) to 8 (protection against the effects of continuous immersion). We recommend that you choose the IP rating according to the location and type of use of the luminaire. For example, lamps installed under a canopy should have an IP rating of at least 44. If, on the other hand, the lamp will not have any kind of protection, it is better to choose luminaires with IP67. 

You have an important choice of materials because of the weather. Many outdoor lamps are made of stainless steel, but there are also models made of aluminium or polycarbonate. 

What types of outdoor LED lamps are there?  

Wall or ceiling lamps, rustic or modern, you'll find all kinds of outdoor LED lighting systems here. The most popular are:

  • LED floodlights or spotlights 
  • Waterproof LED lights 
  • LED wall lights
  • Solar powered lamps 
  • Dimmable outdoor lamps

In addition to the wide variety of shapes, you can choose from numerous brands such as Ledvance, Philips, Steinel or Noxion.

Outdoor LED sensor lighting

Another popular type of LED outdoor lighting is sensor lighting. As well as being convenient, these luminaires are also very energy-efficient, switching on only when needed. Generally the choice is between a motion sensor and a twilight sensor. Check out all our LED sensor outdoor lights. 

LED outdoor lighting with emergency light

Some of the items in our range also have an emergency light. This means that if the power goes out, these lamps will continue to provide light for a while. In our assortment there are outdoor LED lamps with 1 hour or 2 hours of autonomy.

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