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LED Sensor Lighting

LED sensor lighting can have different types of sensors that react to things like motion, the amount of available daylight, or both, for instance. Here at Any-lamp, we stock LED sensor lighting that's suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. One of the best things about sensor lighting is the fact that it only turns on when it's activated by the sensor. This means it lasts longer and saves energy so that you can benefit from the extra security it provides for years to come.
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Saving energy with LED sensor lighting & motion sensor light

Sensors are gaining more and more popularity in the world of lighting. While LEDs have become established almost everywhere, new ways of saving additional energy are being sought. Of course, thanks to new technologies, LED lighting will always be the energy-saving alternative to traditional light sources. But the growing demand for LED motion detectors & sensor lights shows that they are also an efficient way to save even more energy.


What sensor lights are there?

One can distinguish between different types of sensors: Motion sensors, presence sensors and daylight sensors (twilight switch). All three have the advantage that they switch on only when lighting is really needed. This avoids unnecessary energy consumption. An elegant side effect is that they switch on automatically as if by magic. Some products even work completely without electricity - LED solar lights with motion sensors store solar energy and light up even in the dark.  


What does a motion sensor do?

As the name suggests, motion sensors react to movements. Motion sensors can detect movements with the help of infrared radiation. This indicates the heat of objects and causes the sensor lamp to switch on when increased heat is registered. In addition, with many lamps it is also possible to set the delay period after which they emit light from the moment movement is detected.

Note: In addition to the classic LED motion detectors, there are also so-called presence detectors. Their infrared sensor technology is set so sensitively that these products are only suitable for indoor use. LED presence detectors can be used in the office or home office, for example. They then react when the keyboard is struck or the mouse is moved. 


What does a twilight switch do?

Twilight switches constantly measure the amount of natural light within an application area. The moment this value is too low, for example when it gets dark outside, the lighting switches on automatically. This can mean an immediate switch between on and off. Nowadays, however, a smooth transition between the operating states is also possible, so that the light slowly dims up to full illuminance.

All sensor types have their own popular application possibilities. This makes it easier to choose the right LED sensor luminaire: because you decide for which purposes you want to use the product. Now let us show you the differences in terms of use, placement and energy saving per sensor. We first distinguish the installation location: indoors or outdoors.


LED motion detectors outdoors
LED sensor lights at the house entrance. (unsplash.com/Brian Babb)

Which outdoor LED sensor and outdoor motion sensor lights?  

Outdoor twilight switches are often installed at front doors, in gardens or on driveways. This makes it easier and safer to get home and park cars or bikes. Sensor technology is also used in car parks, as street lighting or at entrances to businesses. It is important to pay attention to a suitable protection class. The IP value of outdoor luminaires with motion detectors should be at least 44, but even better 65. That way, you can be sure that the luminaires will withstand the weather conditions.  


Motion detectors as burglary protection

Sensor-controlled outdoor lighting is most often used as a warning to unwanted visitors to deter them or to make returning home safer, often referred to as security lights. For this purpose, you can install LED motion detectors on the side or above the house and patio doors. You can also equip windows in the basement or balcony doors with sensor lights in this way.  


What needs to be considered for path luminaires with motion detectors?

LED sensor lighting and motion detectors offer not only safety but also orientation. To illuminate a path completely with as few luminaires as possible, you need to set the height of the light points (where the light source is located) high up. This is because the higher the luminaires are, the less you need and the greater the distance between them can be. So before buying, consider the length and width of the path and the height of your path lights. As a rule, the products are between 60 and 150 cm high. In addition to the height, you should also take a look at the beam angle of the LED path lights with motion detector before buying. If the angle is small, the light is directed exclusively onto the path and the garden remains dark. You can counteract this with an all-round light, i.e. a large beam angle. This way you can also see what is next to the path. If you follow these tips, you can illuminate any path - whether curved or steep - ideally and homogeneously without contrasts.  

Path luminaires are also known as "bollard luminaires". They come in numerous colours and shapes. You also have a free choice of material. However, aluminium and stainless steel are the most suitable. An outdoor motion sensor light made of these materials is more weather-resistant than products made of copper, brass or stone. We carry a wide range of products, because your new LED path lights with motion detectors should match the rest of the design of your house. For this purpose, we recommend the “LED Outdoor Lighting" -category. 


Motion sensors indoors

Indoors, motion sensors are often used as night lights, for example in bedrooms, corridors or on staircases. They provide orientation and switch on by themselves without you having to spend a long time looking for the light switch in the dark. However, LED motion detectors and sensor lights are also very popular in offices or warehouses and are energy-efficient because no constant lighting is required. For example, sensors in warehouses can detect employees and only illuminate their area. When employees move, unnecessary lights are turned off and necessary lights are turned on. The principle also works in office corridors or washrooms - simply in all places that are not permanently occupied.


Are there dimmable LED sensor luminaires and motion detectors?

In our wide range, you will also find some LED sensor luminaires that are dimmable. This means that you can adjust the brightness of the products as desired. This function is useful, for example, if you have installed the LEDs on the balcony or terrace and prefer to be outside in the evening with dimmed light instead of bright warning lighting, which you need for safety reasons at night.  


How do I connect a LED motion detector correctly?

Connecting an LED with motion detector properly is not difficult because the detector is already wired and connected internally. So you do not have to connect the motion detector separately. This simplifies the process and is the same as connecting a regular lamp. Just follow these steps:  

  1. Switch off the power! For added safety, you can unscrew the fuse.
  2. If you want to replace your conventional lamp with an LED motion detector, you need to disconnect the power cable and remove your previous lamp.
  3. Remove the cover of the LED and connect the EU mains cable: the brown cable belongs to L, the blue cable to N. Then screw the cover back on.
  4. Connect the power cable to the mains.
  5. Switch on the power supply and immediately save energy and money.

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