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LED Wall Lights

LED wall lights are ideal for general lighting applications on interior or exterior walls, in stairways and in hallways. Dustproof, waterproof and vandal-resistant LED wall lights are all available. Models with emergency light units stay lit even in the event of a power cut. For the best cost savings, consider choosing an LED wall light with a built-in sensor so that it only turns on when it's activated. LED wall lights are the perfect replacement for conventional light fixtures and, thanks to the latest LED technology, excellent energy efficiency and a long lifespan are both assured too.
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For which areas are LED wall luminaires suitable?


LED wall lights can be used in the hallway, for example.

The application areas of LED wall luminaires are very versatile: You can use the luminaires both outdoors and indoors - for example in the office corridor or on terraces. They are also suitable for companies, hotels, your own four walls and for gastronomy and restaurant lighting. You should bear the following in mind:

If you want to buy an outdoor wall light, LED wall lights are a wonderful choice. Pay attention to the necessary protection class, which is always indicated with the abbreviation "IP" and two digits behind it. The higher the number, the more resistant the luminaire is to water and dust. You can find out more about this topic in the next chapter.

Furthermore, the colour temperature of the LED wall luminaire plays an important role: If you want to use it to illuminate your company, you should always go for a cool white light (4,000 K). This supports concentration and makes the human organism awake. Such light is also recommended for healthcare, industry or public facilities.

If, on the other hand, you want to bring light into your hotel, restaurant or your own four walls, you should look for extra warm white (2,700 K) or warm white (3,000 K) lighting. This contains a high red component and thus has a relaxing effect on the human body. In this way, you create a cosy atmosphere in which people can relax. This way, you can also perfectly install the LED wall lamps in outdoor areas, such as gardens or terraces.

Our range also includes dimmable LED wall lights. With these, you can adjust the lighting of a specific area to suit your individual needs. Other LED wall lights have motion sensors or twilight switches. These increase the efficiency of the luminaires by preventing wasted energy. Read more about this in another chapter.


What should be considered when buying outdoor wall luminaires?


When buying an outdoor wall light, it is essential to pay attention to the IP protection class of the respective product. Depending on the area of application, this should be higher or lower:

If you want an outdoor wall luminaire, you must pay attention to the IP rating.

If you want to mount an LED wall luminaire on a house wall, for example, where it will be exposed to heavy rain, you must make sure that it has a protection class of IP65 or higher. If you want to install your outdoor wall luminaire under an eaves so that it only comes into contact with little rain, a protection class of IP44 is also sufficient.

Outdoor areas often do not need to be illuminated for a long period of time. It is often sufficient to illuminate them as long as people are inside. LED-wall luminaires with motion detectors are suitable for this purpose. Read more about this in the next chapter.


What are the advantages of outdoor wall luminaires with motion detector/twilight switch?


Some of our outdoor wall luminaires come with two different sensor technologies: motion detector and twilight switch.

Some of our outdoor wall luminaires come with two different sensor technologies: motion detector and twilight switch.

Motion detectors are particularly suitable in areas where constant lighting is not necessary. They detect movements in their surroundings, switch on and finally provide light for a certain period of time. If there is no person in their vicinity, they remain switched off. This is an efficient way to save electricity. Examples of applications for this type of LED wall luminaire include stairwells, corridors and hallways as well as pathways.

Outdoor wall luminaires with twilight switches work a little differently: they measure the brightness in their surroundings. If this falls below a certain value, the luminaire slowly dims up. This usually happens over a longer period of time so that a seamless transition is created. Such LED wall luminaires are particularly suitable for outdoor gastronomy, hotels with outdoor facilities or one's own garden. They also provide efficient automatic lighting because they only provide light when it is really needed.

If you want to search for one of the two sensor technologies, you can use our filter function on the left. Or you can visit our category "LED motion detectors and sensor lights" right now.


How are LED wall luminaires mounted?


LED wall lights can be mounted either on ceilings or walls. As a rule, the luminaires have a socket in which they are fixed. You must first attach this to the respective surface. Then you can insert and fix the LED wall light.

What you should also bear in mind during installation is the height at which you attach your LED wall luminaire. As a rule, you install them at a height of 1.7 metres so that they do not dazzle people so much. However, this is up to you: Some lighting concepts require LED wall luminaires mounted higher or lower. Especially if these emit their light diffusely, the risk of dazzling a person is lower and you can play with different heights.

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