LED Waterproof Fixtures

On this page you will find out full range of industry standard waterproof LED fixtures which have an IP65 rating or more. LED fixtures categorised with an IP65 rating are dust- and splash-proof, a necessity for industrial and agricultural lighting. Making the switch from your traditional lighting methods to our professional quality LED luminaires is the first and easiest step to reducing your overall energy costs and minimising the money and time you spend on maintenance and repairs in your home or business. LED luminaires are not only exceptionally cost effective, but they can have a significant impact on the well-being and productivity of your staff and your customers. By providing superior quality lighting which is equipped to deal with the demands of your working environment, you directly impact the comfort, visibility and performance of the people within it. And moreover, you will be directly contributing to the preservation of our environment. LED lighting sources do not contain UV or infrared energy in their spectrum, produce 85% less CO2 emissions than traditional lighting, and contain no mercury vapour or harmful chemicals.
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