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Ledvance LED Floodlights

Ledvance LED floodlights are an ideal outdoor lighting solution for improved security and visibility in a multitude of application areas. Our range of Ledvance LED floodlights are designed to replace traditional halogen and HPI/HQI floodlights and have the potential to deliver energy savings of up to 90% on your existing luminaire. When you make the switch to LED technology your power consumption is dramatically reduced, while light output and light quality is increased. For example, the Steinel XLED 3 home floodlight provides perfect illumination to the equivalent of 300w, while consuming only 20w of energy. The Ledvance LED floodlights in our range are also available with built in infrared motion sensor technology to enhance the security of your driveways, courtyards, parking garages, industrial buildings and warehouses. This robust range of super efficient outdoor lighting fixtures have an impressively long lifetime of up to 50,000 hours. Many of the products within this range feature an IP66 and IK08 rating, meaning they are protected from dust, water and vandals, and can handle any extreme conditions the weather throws at them.
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