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LED Dimmers

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Why do I need a LED dimmer for my LED lights?

This is because conventional dimmers dim incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs by reducing the voltage. If you use such a dimmer with LED, you will experience flickering, vibrations, or a buzzing sound. In addition, LEDs use different dimming curves, which means that you can adjust light sources to your liking much better with an LED dimmer. You can read more about this in the blog Which LED lights are dimmable?’.


Is there a difference in LED dimmers?

The difference between the various LED dimmers is the minimum and maximum load. The minimum load indicates what the total wattage of the connected light sources must be at least in order to work. The maximum load of the dimmer may not be exceeded, whereby we give the extra tip to leave a 10% margin. Why? If there is a fluctuation in the power supply, this will have no effect on the operation of your lighting. At Any-bulb, you will find two types:

  • LED dimmer switches - These are installed in a similar way to a light switch, with the option of purchasing a cover plate directly with one or more rotary switches on it.
  • LED cord dimmers - These dimmers are attached to the power cable of the fixture and are equipped with a convenient rotary button.


Can I dim all LED bulbs?

No, it is not possible to dim all LED bulbs. Always check the specifications of the LED bulb to see whether the light source is dimmable before you buy it. If you connect a non-dimmable bulb to your LED dimmer, you will experience problems with dimming.


Why do my LED bulbs flicker during dimming?

In short, there are three possibilities as to why an LED bulb can flicker during dimming:

  1. You are using a conventional dimmer.
  2. The wattage of the connected bulb is below or above the stated load of the LED dimmer.
  3. You have connected non-dimmable bulbs to the dimmer.


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