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Noxion Avant LED Tube T8 Extreme (EM Mains) High Output 14W 2100lm - 840 Cool White | 120cm - Replaces 36W

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Description Noxion Avant LED Tube T8 Extreme (EM Mains) High Output 14W 2100lm - 840 Cool White | 120cm - Replaces 36W


  • Perfect replacement for fluorescent tube
  • Long lifespan and warranty
  • Conventional tube with starter
  • High-quality light
  • Beam angle of 160º
  • Cool white light
  • High light output

Perfect replacement for fluorescent tube

This Noxion LED tube is the perfect replacement for a fluorescent tube. That's because it's more environmentally friendly and much more energy-efficient too. This 120 cm-long LED tube only uses 14 watts of power, for instance, compared to its fluorescent counterpart that uses 36 watts. That's why it boasts an A++ energy label and saves you up to 50% in energy costs!

Long lifespan and warranty

In addition to its impressively-low energy consumption, this LED tube also has a much longer lifespan. While fluorescent tubes typically last around 20,000 hours, this LED tube lasts up to 50,000 hours! It's even backed up by an all-in, 5-year warranty.

Conventional tube with starter

This LED tube (with starter) is suitable for conventional fixtures only. Your fixture is conventional if it has a starter (you may need to remove a tube to see it). If you don't see a starter, you have an electronic fixture and this LED tube won't work. Instead, take a look at our range of LED tubes that work with electronic fixtures.

High-quality light

Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED tubes emit high-quality light that's flicker-free. Fluorescent tubes don't just flicker when they start up, they continue to flicker as long as they're switched on. It may not be noticeable to everyone, but for some people, flickering can cause headaches and other health problems.

Beam angle of 160º

Fluorescent tubes distribute light over 360º which means light is also directed upwards where it's not needed. This LED tube has a beam angle of 160º, however. This means that light is only directed downwards and to the sides where it's needed most.

Cool white light

This Noxion Avant LED tube has a colour temperature of 4000K and emits a cool white light that's suitable for areas like offices and classrooms.

High light output

This LED tube has an extra-high light output that comes in handy when it's installed on a high ceiling or whenever extra brightness is needed.


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