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Noxion LED Automatic Dimmer Switch RLC 0-300W 220-240V

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Specifications Noxion LED Automatic Dimmer Switch RLC 0-300W 220-240V

Description Noxion LED Automatic Dimmer Switch RLC 0-300W 220-240V

Good to know

  • Experience absolute top quality
  • Automatic recognition
  • At home in many markets
  • Easy to install
  • Direct dimming on the mains (230V)
  • 5-year all-in warranty

Experience absolute top quality

Looking for a reliable top quality dimmer? Then you're in the right place with this LED automatic switch RLC dimmer from a-brand Noxion. Experience the ease of use of this durable product, in combination with its very powerful power.

Automatic recognition

You can dim almost every dimmable lamp in our range via phase cut. This means that a lamp can be dimmed 100% until it is no longer lit. This saves you the most energy! Dimming via leading edge means that the dimming range is lower. You will therefore not be able to dim a lamp completely, but only to a certain maximum. The nice thing about this dimmer is that the connection to the LED lighting is immediately recognized, so that it can automatically switch to phase cut or phase cut. Handy, isn't it?

At home in many markets

With this LED dimmer you can logically dim LED lamps, as well as conventional and halogen lamps. In addition, a maximum of power of 300 watts can be connected. So make sure that the amount of Watt of the lighting that you want to connect may not exceed this number, because then your lamps are not able to dim properly.

Easy to install

Connecting this Noxion LED dimmer is a piece of cake. We will of course provide clear instructions, so that you can clearly see where to connect the dimmer. Once the dimmer is installed, no maintenance will have to be done for years! Nor do you have to worry about a short circuit or overload occurring, because there is a built-in protection.

Direct dimming on the mains (230V)

The dimming of lighting is almost always done directly on the mains (220-240V). And this LED dimmer from Noxion is suitable for that. Dimmable lights that work on 12 Volts can also be used with this dimmer, however a transformer is then necessary to convert the power from 230V to 12V.

How cosy do you make it?

Dimmable lighting is the key to creating a pleasant atmosphere. You often see that lighting in the living room or bedroom is dimmable, in order to make it extra cosy. For example, during a dinner with friends, or during a pleasant evening on the couch. However, dimmable lighting can also be used in restaurants, bars, hotels, theatres and shops to create a warm and welcoming feeling. In terms of colour temperature, the warmest white lamps in our range start at 1800 Kelvin. If you want a little more volume in terms of light intensity, dimmable lighting between 2200 Kelvin and 2700 Kelvin is better suited.

5-year all-in warranty

With the purchase of this dimmer there is a Any-Lamp all-in warranty of 5 years! Do you need a larger amount of this Noxion products? Request a free quote on this page. Are you looking for a different type of LED dimmer? Then click here to check out our assortment.


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