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Noxion LED Batten Extrusion 130cm 4000K 24W | Replaces 1x36W

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Specifications Noxion LED Batten Extrusion 130cm 4000K 24W | Replaces 1x36W

Description Noxion LED Batten Extrusion 130cm 4000K 24W | Replaces 1x36W


  • Industries, warehouses, tunnels, parking garages, sport centers, car wash
  • Easy & quick installation
  • Replaces fixtures of 1x36W
  • Save up to 34% energy
  • Energy usage of 24W 
  • Lifespan: 35.000 hours
  • Can handle temperatures from 15 till +45 C
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Colour temperature: 4000K
  • Light output: 2800 lm 
  • 3 year guarantee


Noxion LED Batten is a waterproof luminare with a high lumen output. Therefore it is a perfect light solution for industries, warehouses, tunnels, parking garages, sport centers, car washes etc. Lighting in these environments need to be on for most of the day which is why switching to an energy efficient will benefit your overall operation cost. Replace your old fluorescent fixtures with the Noxion LED batten and you save both energy and improve the quality of light at the same time.

Easy and quick installation

This LED batten is easy to install. The installation is easy and fast since you only need a screwdriver. The LED-light is flicker-free, unlike traditional fluorescent tubes. The luminaire has an unbeatable price considering its high quality. Switching to sustainable LED is therefore possible regardless of budget.

Save energy with LED

Compared to standard fluorescent fixtures, this luminaire consume less energy. It replaces fluorescent fixtures of 1x36W. This luminaire uses only 24W. This is an energy saving of 12W which means an energy saving of 34% per fixture. 

Life span 35.000 hours

This product have a lifespan of 35.000 hours. If the light is on 12 hours a day five days a week, it’s 60 hours per week. In one year, the light is on for 3120 hours. If we split the expected life span with the annual consumption we get a product which lasts for more than 11 years.

Withstands temperatures between -15 and +45 degrees C

This luminaire is produced and designed to withstand temperatures between -15 degrees C up to +45 degrees Celsius. The fixture is waterproof with an IP66 and impact resistant with an IK08.

Color temperatures

Color temperature is measured in Kelvin and indicates the colour of the light. Light can shift from a very warm, almost red light color to a colder, white-blue color. These products have a color temperature of 4000K which is a  cold white light. 

Light output: 2800 lm

The conventional light sources usually experience a loss of light quality after 10.000 hours. Noxion LED batten continuously keep a high quality light and the same light output throughout its lifetime. Compared to fluorescent tubes you need to choose your led-fixture depending on the amount of lumen, not their wattage, since lumen determine the fixtures light output/brightness. Lumen is equal to brightness.

3 year warranty

This Noxion Batten is a robust and reliable high quality luminaire. Due to the high-quality integrated components of the products, Noxion is able to give a 3 year warranty. If you have any questions after reading this information, you are welcome to contact our light advisers and we will help you.


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