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Noxion LED Bulkhead Core with Sensor 830 20W Grey | Emergency Unit 1H - Replaces 2x26W

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Description Noxion LED Bulkhead Core with Sensor 830 20W Grey | Emergency Unit 1H - Replaces 2x26W

Advantages :

  • Up to 70% energy savings
  • Average lifespan : 35,000 hours
  • Energy efficiency class : A ++
  • No loss of brightness
  • Motion sensor and twilight switch integrated
  • Color temperature : warm white
  • Without flicker
  • IP66 - indoor and outdoor lighting
  • IK 08 - Impacts and vandalism proof
  • No maintenance
  • 3 years warranty

Up to 70% energy savings

The most modern LED technology allows significant energy savings up to 70%, compared to conventional luminaires. For example, fluorescent fixtures with 2 x 26 watts consume 52 watts, to which should be added 8 watts for the energy consumption of the ballast. In total, a fluorescent fixture with these characteristics consumes 60 watts. This LED lighting solution with the same characteristics only consumes 20 watts, saving up to 70% in energy.

Average lifetime : 35,000 hours

This Noxion LED wall mounted fixture has an average lifespan of 35,000 hours. If we consider that your fixture will be on around 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, 60 hours will be used every week. One year counts 52 weeks, so we will reach 3120 hours of use for your luminaire on a whole year (52 weeks x 60 hours). You will not have to worry about your fixture before 10 years.

Energy class efficiency : A ++

This LED wall and ceiling fixture has the highest energy efficiency class possible: A ++. Thanks to this, we can guarantee significant energy savings, as well as a reduction of emissions and impact on the environment for the user.

No loss of brightness

Fluorescent lighting tend to lose its light intensity after 10,000 hours (example: fluorescent tubes). This Noxion LED product will maintain its brightness throughout its life. This, thanks to the high quality materials and components used. This product has high light performance: 2075 lumens for a ratio lumen / watt of 104.

Motion sensor and twilight switch integrated

This luminaire is equipped with a motion sensor and a twilight switch. These functions ensure the energy optimization of the luminaire. The motion sensor allows the luminaire to turn on only when movement is detected. The twilight switch intervenes when the visibility is reduced. These built-in sensors detect 360 ° movements, up to 8 meters around.

Colour temperature : Warm white

The warm white color (3000 Kelvin) offers great possibilities. It is ideal for lighting entrances, corridors and as general lighting. It allows to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Without flicker

The LED technology of this luminaire, combined with the experience of Noxion in the industry, ensures the homogeneity and reliability of the product. Unlike older fluorescent fixtures, which can cause headaches, this Noxion LED product is subjected to the most strict safety test to ensure there is no flicker. Indeed, fluorescent tubes for example, flicker about 50 times per second. Even if you do not see these flickers, your brain detects them. Flicker-free LED lighting enhances your productivity and concentration.

IP66 - indoor and outdoor lighting

This luminaire is suitable for lighting indoor and outdoor environments thanks to the high degree of protection against dust and water (IP). The first digit indicates the protection against the entry of solid bodies (dust) between 0 and 6, the second indicates the protection against the entry of liquid bodies (water) between 0 and 8.

IK 08 - impacts and vandalism proof

The high resistance index to mechanical shock (shown on a scale of 1 to 10) ensures good protection against vandalism or accidental damage of your product.

No maintenance

Conventional lighting (e.g neons) can be expensive in the short term as they involve the frequent replacement of certain parts. This LED Noxion wall fixture has no need for maintenance.

3 years warranty

Thanks to the experience of Noxion in lighting and the judicious choice of materials and components of this product, we are able to provide you with a 3-year warranty on this product.

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