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Noxion LED Downlight Vero 12W 1200lm 90D - 830 Warm White | 225mm

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Specifications Noxion LED Downlight Vero 12W 1200lm 90D - 830 Warm White | 225mm

Description Noxion LED Downlight Vero 12W 1200lm 90D - 830 Warm White | 225mm

The Advantages:

  • Noxion: Innovation, quality and guarantee
  • Modern design
  • Savings and lifespan
  • Immediate replacement
  • Warm White - 3000K
  • No maintenance required
  • Quick installation
  • No more flickering
  • IP code: resistance to dust and water
  • Totally guaranteed for 5 years


Noxion: Innovation, quality and guarantee

Noxion is a top European brand and one of the most innovative in the world of lighting, offering products of the highest quality, performance and design, quickly becoming one of the major competitors in the market.

Modern design

This down-light spot has been designed following the current interior design needs in mind. Always trying to achieve an impeccable style, typical of the best standards, in this case, with a circular, clean and modern one.

Savings and lifespan

Enjoy an average useful life of 70,000 hours, which is equivalent to more than 20 years under intensive-office usage. 20 years without maintenance, not even changing a light bulb. And of course, it is not only 20 years of greater comfort, but also, of greater savings, since this LED device can save more than 60% of your current energy consumption without giving up at all to the quality of the light.

Immediate replacement

With its intelligent design, this bulb is able to replace your old PL-C luminaire instantly. You cannot say we did not make it easy for you to switch to LED.

Warm White - 3000K

The color 3000K represents a warm white light, usually used in common areas such as living rooms and corridors among others.

No maintenance required

A fluorescent tube light panel is expensive to maintain due to the short life of fluorescent tubes that have to be renewed often, as it is also the case with the necessary components such as the starters. Our LED luminaries do not require maintenance or replacement of any parts, nor suffer deterioration in the quality of light during its long life. This only means more savings and tranquility for the users.

Quick installation

The installation is super easy: simply remove your old device and install our new luminaire in its place. Thanks to the integrated controller, you can forget about the complications in the installation.

No more flickering

This luminaire does not produce flickering, flashes of light or variations in intensity, such as fluorescent tubes would. For some people, these flashes can cause headaches, fatigue or sleep-related disorders due to the special sensitivity of their eyes. A fluorescent light produces about 50 flashes per second, which, although they cannot be seen by the human eye, It has been shown to have a negative effect on the processes of our brains. LED luminaries do not produce any flickering/flash, in such a way that, adequate lighting can be maintained at the same time as a better quality of the work environment and the health of the users.

IP code: resistance to dust and water

The IP20 code certifies the luminaire completely suitable for dry indoor environments.

Totally guaranteed for 5 years

Imagine that you would have the strange and uncomfortable situation of detecting a defect in your brand new device... Well, do not worry, send us a simple photo of the defect and we will provide you with a completely new one. This is our total guarantee of 5 years. That shows just how sure we are of our products and their highest quality. If you have any questions after reading this information, please do not hesitate to contact us to receive personalised attention.


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