Noxion LED Floodlights

Noxion LED Floodlights are designed to replace traditional HPI/HQI floodlight fixtures. These lights were often used to light up architecture, construction sites, parks or billboards. The LED version of these light sources does exactly the same but with way less energy usage. The light beam of a floodlight can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical. If you want to keep the lighting effect of your current light course, make sure that the light beam of your new light is alike. Other important specifications of importance are light color and wattage. Choose for your Noxion LED floodlight the same light color as your current lamp and make sure that the replacing wattage matches the wattage usage of your current conventional light. With these three most important features, you will order an excellent LED replacer for your conventional lighting. In addition to that, you can choose a high IK rating, so the fixture is vandalism proof. With an included sensor, you make sure the light doesn't light up without a reason.
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