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Noxion LED Highbay Pro Linea 120W 4000K 14400lm 60x90D | 1-10V Dimmable - Replaces 250W

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Specifications Noxion LED Highbay Pro Linea 120W 4000K 14400lm 60x90D | 1-10V Dimmable - Replaces 250W

Description Noxion LED Highbay Pro Linea 120W 4000K 14400lm 60x90D | 1-10V Dimmable - Replaces 250W


  • Over 50% energy savings
  • Long lifetime with warranty
  • Unique design
  • Beam angle of 40x130º
  • Cool white light
  • IP 65: water and dust protected
  • IK10: impact and vandalism proof
  • Dimmable

Over 50% energy savings

This LED Highbay Pro Linea uses very little energy compared to conventional lighting. Installing this fixture will save you over 50% on energy consumptions and energy costs immediately.

Long lifetime with warranty

These Noxion high-quality products last up to 100.000 hours. With a daily use of 11 hours for 7 days a week, you will not have to replace your lights for at least 24 years. The first five years after purchase, you can make use of our Any-Lamp All-in warranty.

Unique design

This Highbay has a unique rectangular shape. Because of this shape, the fixture is perfect in warehouses or storage halls. It lights in a linear way, lighting up all the shelves from bottom to top and beginning to end.

Beam angle of 60x90º

This product has a special beam angle. On the short sides, the angle is 60º. On the long sides, the angle is 90º.

Cool white light

A cool white colour will boost concentration and productivity in workplaces with its natural and fresh light. Therefore, it is suitable for areas with a high ceiling such as warehouses, factories, train stations, airports, malls and several other applications.

IP65: water and dust protected

These light fixtures are suitable for outdoor use in damp areas due to its excellent dust and water protection. More specifically, the first number after IP refers to ingress protection from solids (from 0 to 6) and the second digit is used for measuring the liquid ingress protection (from 0 to 8).

IK10: impact and vandalism proof

This Noxion LED floodlight has a complete protection against accidental damages or vandalism actions. This will help to extend its lifespan, ensuring a quick return on your investment.

Dimmable on 1-10V

Thanks to Noxion long experience in lighting and the efficiency of LED technology, the light output of the Pro Concord product line is uniform, flicker-free and reliable. Moreover, this light fixture is dimmable: it is possible to set the desired light brightness according to your specific needs. By choosing a lower light intensity you will be able to extend the product lifespan and save on energy costs!


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