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Noxion LED Panel Econox 60x60cm

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Description Noxion LED Panel Econox 60x60cm


  • Econox: greater energy efficiency
  • 60x60cm LED replacement
  • Lifespan of 70,000 hours
  • Xitanium LED driver
  • Durable material
  • Warm white, Cool white or Daylight
  • 7-year warranty

Econox: greater energy efficiency

These Noxion Econox LED panels are even more efficient than their predecessor (the popular Noxion Delta Pro). They have an impressive lumen to watt ratio of 137 which is 37 more than the old model! That means the Econox LED panels squeeze out more light from every single watt.

60x60cm LED replacement

The Noxion Econox LED panels uses just 32 watts of power to replace a conventional fluorescent tube fixture that uses 4x18W. The 60x60cm panel is designed to slot easily into a standard suspended ceiling. Thanks to the efficiency of LED technology, energy savings of up to 58% can be achieved!

Lifespan of 70,000 hours

A lifespan of 70,000 hours means that the Noxion Econox LED panels will last approximately 19 years if used for 10 hours a day. Not only does LED lighting last much longer than older lighting technologies, the quality of the light output remains better throughout its lifetime too.

Xitanium LED driver

The Noxion Econox LED panels make use of a top-quality Philips Xitanium LED driver. It keeps the inrush current very low which means it's possible to connect more than one fixture to one power group without any problems. The driver also has a high power factor. The term power factor refers to the amount of current that is needed to transfer a certain amount of useful power to a device. The lower the power factor, the more current is required. The driver makes these LED panels even more efficient, therefore.

Durable material

Like many other LED panels, the Noxion Econox is partly made from polystyrene which is used for its durability and light weight. Over time this material tends to fade in colour but not on the Noxion Econox LED panels. That's because the colour fading is normally caused by heat but, due to improved cooling, these LED panels won't fade like others do.

Warm white, Cool white or Daylight

The Noxion Econox LED panels are available in colour temperatures of Warm white (3000K), Cool white (4000K) and Daylight (6500K). That means you can choose the ideal colour temperature for your situation.

7-year warranty

The Noxion Econox LED panels come with an all-in warranty of 7 years!

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