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Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm 33W 3000K UGR<19 | Warm White - Replaces 4x18W

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Specifications Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm 33W 3000K UGR<19 | Warm White - Replaces 4x18W

Description Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm 33W 3000K UGR<19 | Warm White - Replaces 4x18W

The advantages of a LED panel pro 60x60 cm :

  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Average lifetime : 70,000 hours
  • No loss of brightness
  • Color temperature - Warm white
  • Ultra slim design
  • No maintenance
  • Flicker-free
  • UGR <19: Suitable for offices lighting
  • Philips LED driver included
  • Total warranty 5 years

Up to 50% energy savings

A classic fixture is equipped with 4 fluorescent tubes of 18 watts each, consuming 72 watts of energy. The ballast required to properly operate the tubes consumes 8 watts of energy. In total, a classic fixture consumes 80 watts. This LED panel uses only 33 watts, allowing you to save more than 50% energy throughout its lifetime (on average 20 years).

Average lifetime : 70,000 hours

The lifespan of a fluorescent tube is approximately 20,000 hours. The lifetime of a LED panel can be up to 70,000 hours. If we do a simple calculation : the panel is on 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, which brings to a total of 60 hours a week. 60 hours x 52 weeks = 3120 hours a year. You will need about 20 years to reach 70,000 hours.

No loss of brightness

With fluorescent tubes, the brightness is reduced after about 10,000 hours of use. Noxion LED panels don’t lose any brightness. Indeed, they conform to the European directives and are built with very high quality materials.

Color temperature - Warm white

The color temperature (3000 K) is for warm white. This light is used mainly in halls, corridors and kitchens. It creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Ultra slim design

This LED panel is ultra thin and fits the standard ceiling, 60x60 cm. You will not need to change your ceiling to use this LED fixture.

No maintenance

A fluorescent fixture is expensive to maintain, mainly because of its short life and parts that need to be periodically changed, such as starters or ballasts. Noxion LED panels need no maintenance. You won’t have to change parts, nor worry about their brightness.


This fixture has no flicker visible in the image. Some people are very sensitive to the glare produced by fluorescent tubes, which cause side effects such as headaches. A fluorescent beam flickers about 50 times per second; Although this is not noticeable to the naked eye, your brain is very sensitive and detects these flickers. This panel, flicker-free, ensures your visual comfort.

UGR <19: Suitable for offices lighting

This Noxion LED panel has a low UGR value, inferior to 19. This means that the light will not dazzle you if you look at it. This value guarantees your visual comfort and makes of this LED panel, a perfect lighting solution for offices.

Philips LED driver included

This Noxion LED panel uses a Philips Xitanium LED driver. This driver is very high-quality for various reasons. The most important reason is the energy efficiency of the driver. The inrush current is very low. When you switch on luminaires, they all provide a very high peak for a very short time. This peak may cause fuses to blow, even if the total wattage consumption after the peak is not too high. The moment of that peak can indeed be too high. A low inrush current ensures that you can connect more luminaires to a fuse box. This driver also has a high power factor. This means that very little reactive current is produced by the luminaire. This is extra energy-efficient and better for the power network. This driver has been specially developed for supermarkets, shops, public spaces, and office spaces. The driver has a long lifetime including warranty.

Total warranty 5 years

Thanks to the composition and the high quality of materials used, Noxion is able to provide a 5 year warranty for this LED lighting product.


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