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Noxion LED Panel Standard 30x120cm 40W 3000K UGR<22 DALI | Warm White - Replaces 2x36W

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Specifications Noxion LED Panel Standard 30x120cm 40W 3000K UGR<22 DALI | Warm White - Replaces 2x36W

Description Noxion LED Panel Standard 30x120cm 40W 3000K UGR<22 DALI | Warm White - Replaces 2x36W

The advantages of the Noxion LED panel

  • 50% energy saving
  • Lifespan: 70,000 hours
  • Payback period: 2 years
  • Light output guaranteed for entire product lifetime
  • Cool white colour temperature - 4000K
  • Modern and slim design
  • Maintenance free
  • Flicker free
  • UGR <22: suitable for halls and corridors, not for offices
  • DALI dimmable
  • 5 years All-in Any-lamp Warranty

Energy saving up to 50%

A traditional fixture has 2x36 watts fluorescent tubes, and therefore consumes 72 watts of energy. The ballast that is needed to power the fluorescent tubes adds an additional 8 watts. So your old fixture uses 80 watts in total. This LED Panel uses only 33 watts, so you save atleast 50% on the energy costs throughout the entire 20 year lifespan.

Payback period: 2 years

Suppose that the light is on for 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. You could expect to pay around 60 GBP per year using a traditional fluorescent fixture compared to only 30 GBP when using this LED panel. So after 2 years you have already earned back the initial investment in this LEDpanel, and then you actually earnback 30 GBP over the next 18 years. So that's no less than 540 GBP per panel over the entire life span. You are then insured than you have earned back the payback time within the warranty period.

Lifetime: 70,000 hours (more than 20 years)

The lifespan of a fluorescent tube is up to 20,000 hours. A LED panel will last up to 70,000 hours. A short calculation: your panels are on 12 hours a day 5 days a week. That is 60 hours a week. 60 hours x 52 weeks is 3120 hours per year. That is more than 20 years before you reach 70,000 hours!

Light output guaranteed for entire lifetime

With traditional fluorescent tubes, the light output is reduced after +/- 10,000 hours. With these Noxion LED panels. the light output is guaranteed because the panel complies to set European directives and is made of high quality components.

Cool white - 4000K (kelvin)

Ultra thin design

The LED panel is ultra thin and it fits perfectly in a standard ceiling, 60x60 cm. This combination makes the installation very user friendly. There is no need to change your current ceiling to accommodate the new panel.

Maintenance free

A fluorescent fixture is expensive to maintain due to the short lifespan of the tubes and the spare parts that needs to be periodically replaced,such as the starters and the ballast. Noxion LED panels are maintenance-free, with no need to replace spare parts and a light output which stays constant throughout the panels lifetime.


This fixture is 'flicker free', so there are no flashes visible in the light image. Some people are very sensitive to the glare produced by traditional fluorescent tubes, which can have side effects such as headaches, fatigue or sleep deprivation. A fluorescent beam flashes 50 times per second; while this is not perceptible to the naked eye, your brain is very sensitive and can detect these flashes. This LED panel doesn’t flash at all, so your employees stay awake and productive all day long without a headache.

UGR lower than 22, suitable for halls, corridors and general areas

The Noxion Panel Standard has a low glare degree with a UGR value of less than 22, meaning that the light doesn’t beam directly into your eyes and you aren’t blinded by it. This guarantees visual comfort and makes the fixture suitable for use in commonly used general areas such as halls, canteens and corridors. This LED panel isn’t suitable for usage in the office; in offices, a LED panel with a UGR value of less than 19 is required. View a LED panel suitable for offices: Noxion LED Panel Pro 60x60cm UGR <19. (link)

DALI dimmable

This smart interface is managing information related to the status of the lights: the automatic on and off switch, intensity of the light and the operational conditions

5 years warranty

Due to the excellent composition of the high-quality components within the panel, Noxion has been able to provide you with a 5 year guarantee for this LED fixture. Do you have any questions after reading the above information? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of our advisors.


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