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Noxion LED Waterproof Batten Poseidon Pronox V2.0 65W 9100lm - 865 Daylight | 150cm - Through Wiring - Dali Dimmable - Emergency 3H - Replaces 2x58W

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Specifications Noxion LED Waterproof Batten Poseidon Pronox V2.0 65W 9100lm - 865 Daylight | 150cm - Through Wiring - Dali Dimmable - Emergency 3H - Replaces 2x58W

Description Noxion LED Waterproof Batten Poseidon Pronox V2.0 65W 9100lm - 865 Daylight | 150cm - Through Wiring - Dali Dimmable - Emergency 3H - Replaces 2x58W

Good to know:

  • Noxion, best in class lighting
  • Impact resistant and waterproof
  • Save 44% in energy costs
  • 50,000 burning hours
  • Very high light output
  • 6500K - daylight
  • DALI dimmable
  • 3H emergency lighting
  • Wide beam angle
  • Through-wiring
  • Very easy installation
  • 5 year all-in warranty

Noxion, best in class lighting

With this Poseidon LED waterproof Mounting Bar V2.0, Noxion shows once again why it has been the fastest growing light brand in Europe for years. The properties of this 150 cm long surface-mounted luminaire have been improved in several respects and are of top level. Not only does this Poseidon LED Mounting Bar have a high efficiency and a very long lifespan. This fixture is also very easy to use and completely maintenance-free. So only advantages!

Impact resistant and waterproof

What immediately stands out with this Poseidon V2.0 LED Mounting Bar is the high IP value of IP65. This indicates that the fixture is splash-proof and protected against water jets. That makes this Noxion lighting immediately suitable for rooms where it can get damp or wet. Furthermore, the high IK08 value indicates that the luminaire is vandal resistant and against shocks of 5 Joule.

Save 44% in energy costs

LED lighting always yields a nice saving. With this Noxion LED Poseidon waterproof Mounting Bar V2.0 you can save up to 44% on energy costs. That is the case; This fixture itself consumes only 65 Watt, while it replaces conventional fluorescent lighting of 2x58 Watt. LED lighting therefore needs much less power to achieve the same light output.

50,000 burning hours

With the 50,000 burning hours you can be sure of a very long period of top quality LED lighting. When this waterproof LED fixture is on for an average of 60 hours a week, it will last for over 16 years. And that is a much longer lifespan than a conventional fluorescent tube, which lasts an average of 15,000 burning hours. Another additional advantage is that you are also free of maintenance and replacement costs for many years.

Very high light output

With this waterproof Noxion Poseidon LED fixture you are assured of a lot of light, namely 9100 lumens. Due to the high light output, this fixture is also suitable for hanging at a great height (4-14 meters). Think of stables, warehouses, production areas or on an outside area. The high lumen / Watt ratio of 140 also shows how efficient this Noxion LED lighting is.

6500K - daylight

6500 Kelvin is a light color that in practice corresponds to natural daylight. This light color is especially popular in healthcare. The blue tint that emits lighting of 6500 Kelvin is particularly suitable for situations / professions where a high concentration is required. Some examples are laboratories, hospitals or sports fields.

DALI dimmable

This Noxion waterproof LED fixture is DALI dimmable. DALI is an innovative system that offers various advantages. This gives you more control over the light intensity of the room where the LED luminaires want to be placed. The DALI system also ensures that you can use these Poseidon dimming in a larger lighting system. Luminaires in a DALI system can communicate with each other and can be controlled digitally.

3H emergency lighting

With the 3H emergency lighting unit, the luminaire will remain on for 3 hours when there is a short circuit or when the power is off. It then automatically switches to the built-in battery, which generates the emergency power for 3 hours.

Wide beam angle

The light from this Noxion fixture shines downwards at a wide beam angle of 120 degrees. In this way, the light is effectively distributed throughout the room, so that no unnecessary energy is wasted.


You do not have to come up with complicated constructions when you want to place several luminaires one after the other. This Noxion Poseidon LED fixture is equipped with through-wiring. This way you can connect multiple units in a row in one long row. This is very useful when it comes to a large room. The powerful Philips Xitanium driver is also already built in.

Very easy installation

Installing these Poseidon LED fixtures is now even easier. The designers have paid a lot of attention to upgrading the stainless steel clamps, the design, the LED chip and the materials. This allows you to hang this Noxion fixture in the desired location in less than a minute.

5 year all-in warranty

We think it is important to be able to offer the best service. That is why you get a 5-year all-in warranty when you purchase a Noxion LED waterproof Assembly Bar Poseidon V2.0.


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