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Noxion Lucent LED Spot G53 AR111 12W 570lm 40D - 930 Warm White | Best Colour Rendering - Dimmable - Replaces 50W

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Description Noxion Lucent LED Spot G53 AR111 12W 570lm 40D - 930 Warm White | Best Colour Rendering - Dimmable - Replaces 50W


  • Ideal replacement for conventional spotlight
  • Long lifespan
  • Pro spotlight
  • Best colour rendering
  • Dimmable
  • Operates on 12 volts
  • Beam angle of 40º
  • Warm white - 3000K

Ideal replacement for conventional spotlight

Noxion LED spotlights are ideal replacements for conventional spotlights, like halogen ones, because LED technology is much more energy efficient. This LED spotlight only needs 12W of power to replace a halogen spotlight that uses 50W, for instance. That means energy savings of 75%!

Long lifespan

With a lifespan of 45,000 hours, this LED spotlight doesn't need to be replaced often. For extra peace of mind, it also comes with an all-in warranty of 5 years!

Pro spotlight

In addition to its excellent energy efficiency, long lifespan and warranty, this top-quality spotlight is flicker-free. That makes it ideal for people who experience unpleasant symptoms like headaches due to flickering lights.

Best colour rendering

This LED spotlight has a score of >90 on the colour rendering index which means colours look as natural as possible. That makes it ideal for use by retail establishments, art galleries and museums, for example.


This LED spotlight can be dimmed using a compatible electronic dimmer. Bear in mind that trying to dim a combination of conventional and LED lights can be problematic due to the difference in wattages. We recommend, therefore, only using the same type of lights when you want to dim them.

Operates on 12 volts

This LED spotlight operates on 12 volts which means an electronic transformer is needed to connect it. It can't be connected directly to the mains.

Beam angle of 40º

A beam angle of 40º means that this spotlight is suitable for general lighting purposes in personal or professional situations or as accent lighting on larger objects.

Extra warm white - 3000K

This spotlight has a colour temperature of 3000K and emits a warm white light that makes it perfect for providing a pleasant atmosphere. To find out more about colour temperature, take a look at our blog.


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