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Noxion Lucent LED Spot AR111 GU10 15W 927 40D | Extra Warm White - Best Colour Rendering - Dimmable 75W

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Description Noxion Lucent LED Spot AR111 GU10 15W 927 40D | Extra Warm White - Best Colour Rendering - Dimmable 75W


  • Ideal replacement for conventional spotlights
  • Long lifespan & warranty
  • Popular GU10 cap/base
  • Best colour rendering
  • Dimmable
  • Beam angle of 40º
  • Extra warm white light

Ideal replacement for conventional spotlights

Noxion's LED spotlights are ideal replacements for conventional spotlights like halogen ones. The integrated LED technology means much better energy-efficiency and a much longer lifespan too. This LED spotlight only uses 15 watts of power whereas an equivalent halogen spotlight uses 75 watts. That's more than 80% in energy savings!

Long lifespan

This Noxion Lucent AR111 GU10 LED spotlight bulb has a lifespan of 45,000 hours! For extra peace of mind, it also comes with our Any-lamp, all-in warranty of 3 years.

Popular GU10 cap/base

GU10 is the name of one of the most popular spotlight caps/bases. It consists of two small feet (or pins) that can be connected to a suitable fixture. This Noxion LED spotlight can directly replace any conventional GU10 spotlight.

Best colour rendering

With a score of >90 on the colour rendering index (CRI), this LED spotlight shows colours off as accurately as possible. A score this high means that colours look the same as they would under natural sunlight. This comes in handy for all sorts of situations where it's desirable to see colours as they actually are.


This LED spotlight can be dimmed using a suitable electronic dimmer. Bear in mind that traditional dimming switches are not always compatible with dimmable LED spotlights due to the much lower wattage they use. If you're dimming several spotlights at the same, it's recommended that they're all the same wattage.

Beam angle of 40º

A beam angle of 40º means that these Noxion Lucent LED spotlights are suitable for general lighting applications in personal or professional situations. They can also be used to directly highlight objects like large images.

Extra warm white light

Spotlights don't normally come in a colour warmer than extra warm white light. This colour temperature is already perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere almost anywhere. To find out more about colour temperature, take a look at our blog.

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