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Noxion T8 LED Tubes

Noxion T8 LED tubes are an energy efficient alternative to conventional T8 tubes. Unlike conventional tubes, Noxion T8 LED tubes do not flicker and last up to 50.000 burning hours. When using LED alternative LED tubes, you also decrease both your electricity and maintenance cost. The Noxion T8 LED tubes come in a variety of lengths (600 mm, 900 mm, 1200 mm and 1500 mm) and colour temperatures ranging from extra warm white to daylight. There are T8 tubes that are compatible with fixtures that have a conventional ballast as well as ones that with an electronic ballast. Some T8 tubes work with either types of ballast and some can be connected directly to the mains. Noxion T8 tubes can be used in wide variety of application areas; offices, schools, hospitals, shops, homes and the hospitality industry. Use the filter on the left to easily find the lights you are looking for! 

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What are the benefits of Noxion T8 LED tubes?

Noxion's T8 LED tubes have a lifetime of 50,000 hours. This means that you can enjoy top-quality lighting for over 13.5 years with an average use of 10 hours a day. This is 2.5 times longer than a conventional fluorescent tube. Moreover, you save up to 70% on your energy costs from the moment of purchase. Noxion also has an advantage over other T8 LED tubes, the purchase price is much lower while the quality of lighting remains the same. So you not only choose for the environment with Noxion T8 LED tubes but also for your own wallet.


What are the variations between different T8 LED tubes?

Noxion's range consists of three versions of the Avant LEDtube, all of which are available in the color temperatures warm white (3000K), cool white (4000K) and daylight white (6500K). Here you can read which light color you need. The difference between the light sources is mainly in the light output of the three tube types:

  • T8 Standard - Has a high light output of 90 to 104 Lumen per Watt, which is comparable to an average fluorescent tube (85 lm/W). 
  • T8 Extreme HO - They are also available in the light colour very warm white (2700K) and have a very high light output of 119 to 155 lm/W.
  • T8 Extreme UO - These T8 LEDs have an extremely high light output of up to 3600 lumens, with a Lumen-Watt ratio of 150.

Noxion T8 LED tubes are available in the dimensions: 600mm, 604mm, 909mm, 1200mm, 1214mm en 1500mm. You can read more about Noxion LED tube lighting here.


What should you know about the installation of Noxion T8 LED tubes?

The Noxion Avant LEDtube is delivered including an LED starter (EM LED tubes) or excluding LED starter (HF LED tubes), making the light source used in all conventional fluorescent fixtures with a G13 fitting. Some EM LED tubes can be connected directly to the mains. In this case, it says '(EM/Direct)' in the title, which is further explained as 'MAINS' in the specifications of the T8 LED tube.

The installation itself! If you want to install an LED tube, turn off the power before you start. In order to fix the light source in the fixture, you need to push it into the fixture with both hands. Then turn the tube a quarter turn to secure it.



Discover more about the Noxion Avant LEDtube T8 in the video below!

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