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Office Lighting

Office lighting can have a significant impact on the performance of employees. It's important, therefore, to choose lights with the right colour temperature, UGR and output for optimal productivity. A cool white light with a colour temperature of 4000K helps staff to remain focused and alert, while a UGR of <19 should always be used in offices to help prevent fatigue and headaches. LED office lighting is extremely efficient and long-lasting, which means you can save money on energy bills as well as taking care of employees. If you need advice on the best lighting solution for your office, don't hesitate to get in touch with our lighting experts.
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What illuminance do office lamps need?


LED-Panels in an office
Your office lighting needs to be at least 500 lux
(Image: AdobeStock/Zhu Difeng)

The lux value should never fall below 500 lm/m² in office rooms. On pathways or stairs, however, it can be as low as 100 lux. In areas where technical signs are practised, on the other hand, a value of 750 lux is prescribed. You will find the prescribed values in the table in the next chapter.

Finally, when planning your office lighting, you should pay close attention to ensuring that light is distributed evenly throughout the room and that no dark corners are created where the light output is not as high as in the rest of the surroundings. For one thing, it helps to distribute the office luminaires evenly. Secondly, you should opt for LED luminaires that radiate their light diffusely and in all directions. Accent lighting is therefore not suitable for ambient lighting. It can, however, be used to lend even more light to certain areas or to bring them into focus.


What do you need to consider for the Unified glare rating (UGR)?


The same applies to the UGR value: in areas where people work, office lamps should have a value of UGR <19. On stairs and paths, a UGR <25 is sufficient. More detailed information can be found in the following table.


Area Lux UGR
Büro 500 19
Technical drawing 750 16
Corridors 100 28
Staircases  150 25
Public paths 100 28


Which light colour for office lighting?


Besides UGR and lux, light colour also plays an important role in workplace lighting. As a general rule, you can remember: Office luminaires should always have a cool white (4,000 K) or daylight white (6,500 K) light colour. This is because these colour temperatures have high blue values that make the body alert and promote concentration. Light colours with a high red component, on the other hand (e.g.: Warm White (3,000 K) and Extra Warm White (2,700 K)) make the human organism relax and swallow up many an important colour detail. They are therefore only to be used in the refectory or lounge.

However, a more precise distinction can be made here: You can illuminate "normal" everyday office life with cool white (4,000 K). If, however, demanding work is performed in your premises, where details play a major role, such as technical drawing, then you should go for daylight white (6,500 K). This light colour is modelled on natural daylight and thus offers the best conditions for demanding tasks.


Which LED luminaires are best suited for office lighting?


If you are planning your office lighting, you can make use of various LED luminaires. For example, our popular LED Panels. These offer a particularly discreet form of lighting because they can either be mounted directly on the ceiling or even embedded in it. This works if you have a grid ceiling in your office. Here, you simply have to remove one of the panels and frame your new LED panel. Therefore, the luminaires come in different sizes, including: 60x60 cm and 30x120 cm. This way, you can perfectly adapt to the panel size of your grid ceiling.

If you don't have a grid ceiling, that's no problem: with our Noxion LED panel accessories you can mount the LED panels directly on the ceiling or hang them underneath using a suspension kit.

In the past, fluorescent tubes were often installed in offices. You can easily replace these with LED Tubes. You do not have to replace your old fixtures, but simply replace the old tubes with the new ones.

Suspension kit for Noxion LED panels
You can hang LED panels from the ceiling with a suspension kit.

You should only find out beforehand whether your fluorescent tubes are operated with a conventional ballast (CCG) or an electronic ballast (ECG). Do your tubes flicker shortly after they are switched on? Then it is a conventional ballast and you must look out for LED tubes with the abbreviation "EM". If they do not flicker, then it is an ECG and you need LED tubes with the abbreviation "HF". If you are not sure, you can opt for LED tubes with the abbreviation "UN" - these can be used for both types of ballast.


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