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Osram Colored T5 HO

Description Osram Colored T5 HO

Buy the Osram Coloured T5 HO at great prices! Benefit from purchasing high quality products with significant discounts for larger quantities! If you have questions or would like to place your order by phone then do not hesitate to contact us!

Osram Coloured T5 HO Features

The Osram Coloured T5 HO are coloured fluorescent tubes with a G5 type lamp base.

The tubes are available in various powers, but beware because the length of fluorescent tubes is directly defined by their wattage. Therefore if replacing existing tubes then make sure to select the same wattage otherwise it will not be compatible with your fixture.

The power to length ratios are as follows:

24W = 55cm

39W = 85cm

54W = 115cm

80W = 145cm

For each power there are three different colours available to choose from, being red, green, or blue.

With a lifespan of 24,000 hours the Osram Coloured T5 HO last for an extremely long time. This means that you don't have to worry about making regular replacements or the costs associated with it.

Osram Coloured T5 HO Usage

The Osram Coloured T5 HO tubes are suitable for many applications, but mainly they are ideal for creative illumination and decoration.

The fluorescent tubes can be used to light your home, shops and restaurants in order to give a stylish modern feel. They are also possible to be used as decorative backlighting in displays.

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