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Osram Decostar 35 Titan GU4

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Description Osram Decostar 35 Titan GU4

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Osram DECOSTAR 35 TITAN Details

These Osram DECOSTAR 35 TITAN halogen lamps have a GU4 type base and a diameter of 35 mm - allowing them to fit in the small fixtures wtih ease.

The Osram DECOSTAR 35 TITAN is characterised by a warm white light, thanks to the colour temperature of 3000K. The intensity is adjustable too, so the desired atmosphere can be created to suit your taste.

The lamps have a beam angle of 10D or 36D degrees, allowing you to pick from spot lighting or general/accent lighting techniques.

The light source has an average lifespan of 4000 hours, reducing the period between replacements and giving you a lot of use from a little bulb.

Osram DECOSTAR 35 TITAN Applications

The Osram DECOSTAR 35 TITAN with a beam angle of 10 dgrees is ideal to use as spotlighting. Therefore you would find this in shop window displays, highlighting key products and drawing peoples attention to them.

The beam angle of 36 degrees ensures that they can be used for general lighting for example as general lighting in shops, or as back lighting for a featue wall, where the whole area needs to be illuminated.

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