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Osram Decostar 51S Standard

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Description Osram Decostar 51S Standard

Osram Decostar 51S Standard

The Osram Decostar 51S Standard is an economic halogen spotlight which provide a bright light and excellent colour rendering.

Osram Decostar 51S Standard Features

The Osram Decostar 51S Standard is a halogen reflector bulb, with a diameter of 51mm. These bulbs have a low voltage of 12V, and therefore require the used of a transformer. The cold light reflector reduces the heat from the light beam, up to 66%, making the environment more pleasant for employees and customers.

The Osram Decostar 51S Standard has a GU5.3 socket fitting, with a 5.3mm distance between the pins.

  • Lifetime: 2,000 hours
  • Wattage: 20W, 35W or 50W.
  • Colour temperature: 2800K, 2900K, 2950K (warm white) and 3000K (neutral white)
  • Beam angle: 10D (accent lighting) or 36D (general lighting).
  • Colour rendering: 100Ra, meaning colours appear as they should in the light
  • Dimmable options
  • UV Filter: Prevents the discolouration of your items
Please note: It is important that you do not change the wattage of your bulb otherwise your transformer will no longer work.



The Osram Decostar 51S Standard are intended for indoor use in open fixtures: due to their IEC 60598-1 approved features. They are used in places such as homes (kitchens, mirror lighting), offices and hotels. If you are considering changing to LED, then look at the Philips LEDspotLV MR16 4-20W (MASTER) , Philips LEDspotLV MR16 7-35W (Master) , or the Philips LEDspotLV MR16 10-50W (MASTER) .

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