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Osram Halopar 16 64824 50W GU10

Specifications Osram Halopar 16 64824 50W GU10

Description Osram Halopar 16 64824 50W GU10

Osram HALOPAR 16 64824 50W GU10 from with competitive prices! Making an order is effortless, and the lamps will be delivered straight to your doorstep in 3-4 days! Ordering larger quantities at a time you benefit from our lowered prices.

Osram HALOPAR 16 64824 50W GU10 - Features

Osram Halopar 16 lamps are halogen lamps with an all-glass reflector for bright light effects. These lamps are easy to install, thanks to the GU10 socket, and they are ideal for decorative fixtures for example. Osram HALOPAR 16 64824 50W GU10 lamps have a high-quality light, that is possible due to the color rendering of the 90-100Ra and the color temperature of the 2800K. These lamps have a long lifetime, averaging 2000 hours. You do not need to change lamps as often, and you save in energy costs. Thanks to the UV protection, it can be used in open fixtures. Does not contain mercury, can be disposed of with household waste.

Osram HALOPAR 16 64824 50W GU10 - Applications

Osram HALOPAR 16 64824 50W GU10 halogen lamps can be used in multiple different applications, ranging from your home, to hotel lounges, to restaurants.


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