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Osram HCI-TC G8.5 (Powerball)

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Description Osram HCI-TC G8.5 (Powerball)

Buy Osram HCI-TC (Powerball) Philips alternative at the lowest prices! Buy in large quantities and benefit from large discounts. The more you buy, the more you save! Fast delivery. Free delivery available on large orders! Do not wait, contact us NOW to place an order.

Osram HCI-TC (Powerball) Specifications

These bulbs are compact discharge lamps with ceramic burner and an integrated reflector. Each lamp has a base type G8.5 and they are available with a power of 20W, 35W, and 70W. Their lifespan is 10,000 hours on average.

Using the Osram HCI-TC (Powerball) Philips Alternatives

Philips offers an exact alternative to the Osram HCI-TC (Powerball) bulbs, the Philips CDM-TC range. These Philips bulbs are interchangeable one-for-one with the Osram variations, and the colour codes are the same making it easy to select your replacement. The Philips alternatives also give you the benefit of being a much higher quality product and being more reliable compared to the Osram brand.

Replacement instructions:

Osram HCI-TC (Powerball) 20W = Philips CDM-TC 20W
Osram HCI-TC (Powerball) 35W = Philips CDM-TC 35W
Osram HCI-TC (Powerball) 70W = Philips CDM-TC 70W

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