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Osram Parathom HQL LED E27

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Description Osram Parathom HQL LED E27

The Osram Parathom HQL LED E27 lamps are designed especially to replace the conventional mercury vapour (HQL) with an E27 base, due to their high energy consumption and their toxic contents. With these LED lamps, you save up to 74% on energy costs and be environmentally friendly. With an extremely long lifetime of up to 32,000 hours, these LED lamps will provide lighting for 15 years in a business average application. This means also savings in maintenance costs. These LED products have the same colour code as the current HQL: 840 - 4000K: neutral white.

The HQL lamps are traditionally used in urban- and street lighting like car parks, pedestrian zones or industrial sites. The Osram HQL LED are the perfect LED alternatives for applications where high luminous flux is required.

With this product, you benefit from a 5 years warranty.

Easy mounting

  • Turn off the power.
  • Open the fixture and unscrew the old HQL lamp.
  • Screw the Osram Parathom HQL LED in the fixture.
  • Close the fixture.
  • Turn on the power and save up to 74% on energy costs.
  • Dispose the old HQL lamp for free at local recycling center near you

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