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Osram Shoplight HCI-T G12 (Powerball)

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Description Osram Shoplight HCI-T G12 (Powerball)

Order the Osram HCI-T Shoplight (Powerball) at the best prices from Any-Lamp! Make sure you take advantage of our discount tiers where the more you buy the more you save! Contact our team to find out more or to place an order.

Osram HCI-T Shoplight (Powerball) Features

The Osram HCI-T Shoplight (Powerball) is, as the name implies, very suitable for use in stores. The lamps have a very high colour rendering index of 90Ra meaning that colours are reproduced extremely well.

The light sources are equipped with a UV block and are ideal for heat-sensitive objects such as clothing, shoes and paintings, as they will not damage or deteriorate their quality.

Application of Osram HCI-T Shoplight (Powerball)

As said, the Osram HCI-T Shoplight (Powerball) are designed for use in shoplighting, therefore they are most commonly found in retail applications.

However, they can also be used for the presentation of food products because their lighting properties bring out the colours extremely well and the UV block means food will not be spoiled.

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