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Ster Reclame

Our coworkers in the Netherlands just finished an interesting new project in the Netherlands. They designed the lighting for the new office of Ster Reclame, a Dutch foundation, which makes commercials for the Dutch public broadcaster. “We should add new interior and lighting plan to that.” That's what must have crossed Ster's mind.  Being familiar with Any-lamp, the CEO of Ster proposed us to take on the project. When Ster got in touch with us in March 2022, we were more than happy to help them with sustainable LED lighting. After a succesful tendering procedure, the project was ready to take off. 


Client's request 

The goal was to unburden the client regarding the lighting plan and the delivery of the lighting. It was also important that the lighting would fit the character of the foundation. The client's vision was quite concrete already and sent us a concept lighting plan. Our project manager was excited to take on this project! He put his own twist on it and travelled to the Dutch city of Hilversum, the heart of the Dutch television. He focused on several important aspects, such as the budget and the interior designer's view. A number of questions were raised. Should the interior be sleek or playful? Which products should be positioned where? Which fixtures meet the customer's request? It was crucial that everything was aligned and consistent. 



As a first step our lighting experts drew up a visual lighting plan, taking into account all the client's wishes. This lighting plan included – among others – fixtures that we intended to use and their specifications, giving the client an accurate idea of what the lighting would look like. After Ster's approval, we could get to work. We rolled up our sleeves and took everything off the client's hands. We provided extensive advice and placed the orders with the right suppliers.  


To create the right lighting atmosphere, we chose luminaires from – among others - Noxion and Nordlux. But we were also creative and resourceful. We decided to have fixtures tailor-made specifically for the client. Creating a pleasant office atmosphere, which contributes to employees enjoying working in the office and encourages them to come to the office as much as possible. The office also needed to have a luxurious look. Therefore, we chose fixtures that conveyed this perfectly. 



On the 1st of April, Ster celebrated the opening of the new office in Hilversum with a big gathering. Of course, we also joined this celebration. Ster is extremely satisfied with their new office building and so are we. With the many different fixtures, we managed to create a luxurious atmosphere in the building, where employees will now enjoy working. 

Our team

Raymond Beekmans
Project manager

Melissa Emanuel van de Velden
Account manager

A selection of the products that we have used for this project

All products are available upon request!

3F rail downlighter 

Pendant luminaire Artist

Wall luminaire LED flat & LED ring 

Pendant luminaire Wave 

3F rail spot


Pendant luminaire
Paco 3 

All customised lighting available on request!

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