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Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU4 MR11

Description Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU4 MR11

Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU4

Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU4 - Features

The Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU4 are low voltage halogen bulbs which provide a bright, sparkling light and dichroic reflector. This reflector enables the heat from the bulb to be transmitted through the back, which is ideal for artificial installations or fixtures that are close to objects. These halogen bulbs are made with a low-pressure technology and UV-blocking glass surface, which means you can use these bulbs in fixtures that do not have a glass front. As these bulbs are low voltage, they require the use of a transformer. Consequently, it is important that you do not change the wattage of your bulb otherwise your transformer will no longer work.

  • Socket fitting: GU4 (4 mm between pins)
  • Reflector: MR111 (35mm in diameter)
  • Dimmable: 0-100%.
  • Lifetime: 4000 hours
  • Wattage: 10W or 20W


The Brilliantline Dichroic GU4 are predominately used in professional places such as hotels, restaurants and shops. These bulbs are available in two different beam angles, 10D (spotlighting) or 30D (accent lighting). If you need a high quality, dichroic reflector bulb, choose the Philips Brilliantline Dichroic GU4 .

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