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Philips Capsuleline G4

Philips Capsuleline G4
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Description Philips Capsuleline G4

Philips Capsuline G4

The Philips Capsuline G4 offer an excellent colour rendering and can fit into a range of fixtures due to their compact shape.

Philips Capsuleline G4 Features

The Philips Capsuleline G4 is a low voltage, compact halogen lamp. As these bulbs are low voltage (12V or 24V), they require the use of a ballast. They have a 2 pin, G4 socket fitting, with a distance of 4mm between the pins.The Capsuline G4 also contains a built in UV filter, which prevents the discolouration of your items. Further qualities include:

  • Wattage: 5W, 10W or 20W
  • Lifetime: 2,000 or 4,000 hours
  • Excellent colour rendering: 90-100Ra, meaning colours appear as they should in the light
  • Colour temperatures: 2750K, 2800K, 2850K (very warm white) and 3000k (neutral white)
  • Dimmable


Due to their compact design, these bulbs are perfect for small decorative features; which still require a bright light. As a result of this, they are commonly used in places such as shops, hotels, restaurants and galleries.

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