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Philips CoreLine RC120B LED Panel 30x120cm | Replaces 2x36W

Description Philips CoreLine RC120B LED Panel 30x120cm | Replaces 2x36W

Philips CoreLine RC120B LED panels are recessed fixtures that are perfect replacers for conventional T8 and T5 fluorescent fixtures. The slim design with a height of less than 35 mm makes these LED panels suitable for installing into a system ceiling for general lighting applications such as meeting rooms, hallways, reception rooms and circulation areas.

Take note: this fixture with an UGR<22 is not suitable to be applied in offices.


Thanks to the integrated LED technology, you will save 45% on energy and have a long lifetime of 50,000 hours. This fixture can be controlled via the DALI light management system which permits the user to dim the light when required or control the lighting. The fixture can be used as a safety lighting if you choose for a variant with emergency unit (EL3, 3 hours after power loss). The colour rendering index above 80 provides these products of a high-quality colour rendering.

Colour temperatures

  • 830 Warm white (3000 Kelvin) - For hallways, canteens and general areas where atmosphere is important.
  • 840 Cool white (4000 Kelvin) - The most chosen light color for general applications.

Different variants

  • 30x120cm | Replaces 2x36W, with or without DALI system
  • 30x120cm | Replaces 2x36W, with emergency unit
  • 60x60cm | Replaces 4x18W, with or without DALI system


Due to its long life and our experience with this fixture, we are able to provide 5 years warranty on this LED panel! If you have any questions and require further assistance for this product or you need help with your choice. Please do not hesitate to contact one of our light experts.

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