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Philips CoreLine SM120V LED 3700lm 840 Dali 60x60cm

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Specifications Philips CoreLine SM120V LED 3700lm 840 Dali 60x60cm

Description Philips CoreLine SM120V LED 3700lm 840 Dali 60x60cm

Philips CoreLine SM120V LED 3700lm 840 Dali 60x60cm available at Any-Lamp! Buy high-quality products in large quantities and get great discounts! Quick and insured delivery. Order now!

Philips CoreLine SM120V LED 3700lm 840 Dali 60x60cm

CoreLine SM120V LED 3700lm 840 Dali 60x60cm is a recessed LED panel for indoor use. A good application area and the correct colour temperature can help to create a comfortable setting with these lighting fixtures. For example, you can apply these fixtures in corridors, restaurants or offices. Moreover, with these surface-mounted panels you will be able to save on both energy and replacement costs. The suspension kit will further allow you to place these fixtures where high ceilings are present.

By purchasing the CoreLine SM120V LED 3700lm 840 Dali 60x60cm you get:

  • Energy savings up to 40% and within a year you will get back what you've invested.
  • 1 on 1 replacing TL-D and TL-5 fluorescent lamps
  • Energy Class: A - without any toxins
  • An extremely useful life time of 50,000 hours
  • Robust construction of steel and polycarbonate plastics
  • An integral ballast and including the LED light sources

Product information and installation

In this section you will find lots of information to help you choose the right fittings. You can easily install and assemble your new LED panels yourself. Within minutes you can assemble the fixture by viewing the YouTube video below the product picture above.

  • Power: 37.5W - luminous flux of 3700lm!
  • Protection: IP20 rating - standard, protected against fingers but not water
  • Colour temperature: 4000K - Cool white
  • Colour rendering: 80-89Ra - Colours shown well
  • Design: Squared 60x60cm, white colour
  • 3 years All-in warranty

DALI Feature

This CoreLine fixture also has a standardised digital lighting interface (DALI) which allows for greater flexibility, control and customisation of your lighting setup. The DALI system allows you to further monitor and lower your energy savings by customising your lighting preferences. If the fixture is used in an office, you will be able to adjust lighting in response to various environments. For example, if the sun is shining outside, the DALI system will respond to this change and lower the brightness of the fixtures.

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