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Philips CorePro LEDtube HF 9W 865 60cm G | Daylight - Replaces 18W

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Specifications Philips CorePro LEDtube HF 9W 865 60cm G | Daylight - Replaces 18W

Description Philips CorePro LEDtube HF 9W 865 60cm G | Daylight - Replaces 18W


  • Suitable for fixtures with electronic ballast
  • Cost-effective LED replacement
  • Energy efficient alternative
  • Daylight - 6500K
  • Quick return on investment

Suitable for fixtures with electronic ballast

This Philips CorePro LEDtube is designed to work with fixtures that have an electronic ballast (ones without a starter). It's 60 cm long and has the same G13 caps as a fluorescent tube which means it can be installed quickly and easily.

Cost-effective LED replacement

The CorePro series contains the most affordable products in Philips LEDtube series. That's why they're an excellent cost-effective LED replacement for fluorescent tubes. The price may be lower, but the quality is still high with a lifespan of 30,000 hours and an all-in warranty of 3 years included in the price.

Energy efficient alternative

This LED tube only uses 9 watts of power to replace a fluorescent tube that uses 18 watts. Not only is it 50% more efficient, but it doesn't contain any hazardous gasses either which makes it even better for the environment. It should come as no surprise that this product has an A energy label.

Daylight - 6500K

This CorePro LEDtube has a colour temperature of 6500K which is similar to daylight. That means it's suitable for professional environments like hospitals and laboratories as well as home environments where DIY is done, for example.

Quick return on investment

Even though LED tubes are a little more expensive to buy initially, the cost can be quickly earned back due to better energy efficiency. This is often within 2 years (depending on use) and the overall lifespan of 30,000 hours means you'll carry on saving money for many more years to come.


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