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Philips Incandescent Standard P45 E14

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Description Philips Incandescent Standard P45 E14


The {{var}} range makes use of the incandescent lighting technology. The Incandescent bulbs are known as the traditional lighting technology which, for many years, has provided light to many homes all around the globe. One of the advantages of this bulb is its excellent colour rendering. The colour rendering determinate the colour quality visualized by the human eye when the objects are placed under this light. A higher rate in the colour rendering means higher quality. Additionally, all of the products found in this category provides a colour temperature of 2700K being perfect to create a cozy and warm atmosphere. The common specifications for all the products in this category are the following:


  • Colour temperature: 2700K Kelvin
  • Colour rendering: 90-100 Ra
  • Socket: E14
  • Lifetime: 2700 hours
  • Dimmable: Yes
  • Wattage: from 25W to 45W
  • Voltage: 220-240

Please check the specifications of each product to get more information in detail.

Warning and advices

Incandescent and halogen bulbs have been for years the most common used lamps. However, nowadays there is a wider variety of bulbs which are much more ecofriendly and will allow you to save more money! If you want to know more about this lamps click in the following link:

Enjoy the wonderful light quality incandescent lamps can offer you and order the {{var}}!

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