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Philips LEDtube Sensor EM HO 16.5W 840 120cm (MASTER) | Cool White - Replaces 36W 

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Specifications Philips LEDtube Sensor EM HO 16.5W 840 120cm (MASTER) | Cool White - Replaces 36W 

Description Philips LEDtube Sensor EM HO 16.5W 840 120cm (MASTER) | Cool White - Replaces 36W 


  • High Output
  • Unique sensor lighting
  • Energy-efficient replacement
  • Cool white light - 4000K
  • Beam angle of 240º
  • Quick return on investment

High Output

This Philips LED tube combines a High Output (HO) with excellent energy efficiency. It produces the same amount of light as its fluorescent tube equivalent but does so using less power. An average fluorescent tube has a lumen-to-watt ratio of around 85, while this LED tube has a ratio of 129 lumens for every watt used.

Unique sensor lighting

This T8 LED tube is 120 cm long and has the same G13 caps as a fluorescent T8 tube. It's compatible with fixtures that have a conventional ballast and comes complete with a starter. This tube also has a built-in sensor that automatically turns up the brightness whenever it detects movement up to 5 metres away. Because the tube is dimmed in between times, extra energy is saved. That makes this tube particularly efficient for areas like parking garages and hallways that don't need to be fully lit at all times.

Energy-efficient replacement

This Philips LED tube only uses 16.5 watts of power to replace a fluorescent tube that uses 36 watts and that means energy savings of more than 50%! It has the best possible energy label of A++ making it the greenest choice for lighting.

Cool white light - 4000K

This tube has a colour temperature of 4000K and emits a cool white light that helps to keep people focussed and alert. That's why this colour temperature is often chosen for use in offices, for instance.

Beam angle of 240º

Fluorescent tubes distribute light over 360º which means light is also directed upwards where it's not needed. This LED tube, on the other hand, has a beam angle of 240º. This means light is only directed downwards and to the sides where it's needed most.

Quick return on investment

Even though LED tubes are a little more expensive to buy initially, the cost can be quickly earned back due to better energy efficiency. This is often within 2 years (depending on use) and, of course, you'll continue to save money throughout its entire 50,000 hour lifespan! It's also covered by an all-in warranty of 5 years.


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