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Philips R95 IR 100W E27 230V Red

Specifications Philips R95 IR 100W E27 230V Red

Description Philips R95 IR 100W E27 230V Red

Good to know:

  • For local heat treatment
  • For speeding up healing
  • Deep penetration of heat

For local heat treatment

The Philips infrared lamps for healthcare have the purpose to treat deep-seated muscular ailments. Using heat therapy on a localized basis relieves muscular pains. This can also be used to treat rheumatic ailments.

For speeding up healing

Using the Philips infrared has also proven to speed up the healing of injuries as sport injuries or non-infected wounds. Most of the times, the light provides a rapid and effective pain relief.

Deep penetration of heat

Benefits gained by deeper penetration of heat are the gentle warming effect and locally enhanced blood circulations in the skin.


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