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Philips TL5 ActiViva

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Description Philips TL5 ActiViva

Buy Philips TL5 ActiViva tubes at the best prices! Buy in large quantities and benefit from large discounts. The more you buy, the more you save! Fast delivery. Free delivery available on large orders! Do not wait, contact us NOW to place an order.

Philips TL5 ActiViva Specifications

  • The Philips TL5 ActiViva tubes are fitted with R18s type bases
  • They are available in two different powers: 49W = 115cm and 54W = 145cm
  • The length of these tubes vaires with their power
  • These tubes are available in the colour 640
  • They have a colour rendering index of 80-89Ra
  • They have a colour temperature of 17,000K - containing 85% more blue light than natural light and 25% more than daylight
  • They have an average lifespan of 24,000 hours
  • The Philips TL5 ActiViva tubes have an energy rating label of B

Using the Philips TL5 ActiViva Tubes

The Philips TL5 ActiViva tubes can be used indoors for offices, call centers, industry, schools, etc.. They are particularly suitable for creating a stimulating environment. They also strengthen the circadian rhythm of night workers.

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