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Sensor Lighting

Any-lamp offers a variety of sensor lighting, meeting your needs and requirements. From simple wall-mounted dimmers to motion sensors, twilight sensors and passive infrared sensors. Whether its for public spaces, offices and industry, health care or retail and hospitality, the automatic light sensors can be easily installed and are ideal components for cost-effective energy-saving solutions. They are also ideal for retrofits.

The most important benefits of sensors:

  • Very high potential energy savings
  • Lighting control that is ideally matched to the available lighting level
  • Simple cost-effective installation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Suitable for retrofits
  • Multiple sensors can be networked
  • Choice of operating modes
  • How to choose the right one?

Inside this broad category a wide variety of Steinel products are offered. Some of the products are the following:

  • Steinel Spare Bulbs CFL: These products are perfect to be replaced in some of the sensor lights when they fade out. This product can be found in two different colour temperatures: really warm light with 2700K and cool white with 4000K
  • Steinel IMPULSER Receivers: Designed for surface mounting, this product is ideal for switching loads “ON” and “OFF” automatically, it features a potentiometer for setting operating mode. It can receive signals from 8 Steinel Impulser transmitters.
  • Steinel Remote controls: Control your sensor with the remote control accessory! Adjust the settings, turn it on and off, control the brightness and the coverage area with only pressing one button!
  • Steinel Modules: The Steinel modules are used on occasions when the main power supply fault or when it is needed to modulate the light to gently increase the lamp output to 100%. Each Steinel module can be used for different situations, please check the specifics of each product to find out which one would suit your needs better.
  • Steinel Angle Brackets: The angle brackets are used to makes easy the installation in the walls or ceilings. There is multiple angle brackets that you can choose from.
  • Steinel Protective covers: Sensors are an expensive and the protective covers will protect the sensor from any damage or vandalism activities

All of this products can be divided according to different specifications and features helping you to limit your search. Use the filter on the left to find the right product to suit your needs. The different features that you can select from are:


There is different fixtures and products depending on three mounting location:

  1. Surface mounting (wall)
  2. Surface ceiling
  3. Surface mounting (pendulum)

Colour housing

To make easier your search in the filter you are able to choose the colour housing of the products that you desire. The filter will offer you a wide variety of products according to your selection. The most common colour housing in products are black, white and brushed aluminum.

Colour temperature

Every light used in a sensor has a colour temperature. Sometimes it can be difficult to choose the colour temperature that will better fit with the atmosphere you wish to create. In the following information we have a summary of the typical locations used for each one:

  • The 3000K-3500K is often used in schools and offices.
  • The 4000K is widely used in warehouses, workshops and factories.
  • The 6500K is usually used to light certain workplaces where "daylight" is very important. Where having a clear crisp light to see things perfectly is key, for example surgery rooms.

Emergency fixture

In the wide variety of sensors there are some with some features integrated. The emergency fixture is the ability to provide light for some hours when there is a problem with the main power supply or a failure. The Steinel Orientation Module RS PRO MLED 1A is the perfect accessory to bring light where is more needed.