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Sylvania Lynx-DE 4P

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Description Sylvania Lynx-DE 4P

Purchase the Sylvania Lynx-DE Philips alternative at the lowest prices! Order larger quantities and benefit from bigger discounts. The more you buy, the more you save! Fast, tracked delivery with free delivery available on large orders too! Do not wait, contact us NOW to place an order.

Sylvania Lynx-DE Philips Alternative Specifications

Philips has an exact alternative for Sylvania Lynx-DE bulbs, the Philips PL-C 4P range. These Philips bulbs are interchangeable one-for-one with the Sylvania variations. A feature of these compact fluorescent lamps is their low power consumption and long lifespan (13,000 hours on average), helping to give them an energy rating label A or B depending on the selected model

Using the Sylvania Lynx-DE Philips Alternatives

Replacement instruction:

- Sylvania Lynx-DE 10W = Philips PL-C 4P 10W
- Sylvania Lynx-DE 13W = Philips PL-C 4P 13W
- Sylvania Lynx-DE 18W = Philips PL-C 4P 18W
- Sylvania Lynx-DE 26W = Philips PL-C 4P 26W

Note: Their power is a function of their length and also their base type. Therefore when selecting replacements make sure to choose the same Wattage otherwise they will likely be incompatible with your fixtures.

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